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One sided - UPDATE and more

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  • Head bobs when longeing horse to the left

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    02-09-2010, 06:35 PM
One sided - UPDATE and more

Finally brought my camera outside with me today it was nice out. Wish I had some one to video us riding today. So I have a few things going on here. Please read all.

I tried the suggestion on putting all my weight on the side she has trouble with and we got her lead correct two out of 5 times today so I guess that's an improovment. I have to get a new farrier out and look at her . I took photos of her legs / hooves today and they really are totally diff. Shapes and maybe that's a BIG contributant to this. The side she has the problem with (solid side not the socks side) , That hoof has a higher heel and different shape than the other one . I think that can be the cause of all this.. Im going to post all the pics and videos I took today.

The videos are warm ups before I got on her and after he being off for about 4 days. Hence the head in the air not paying attention at all. The horse youll hear screaming in the backround is luna screaming at the neighbors gelding . Lol it's quiet embarrising what a ***** luna is lol.

I included pics of her scabs on her front tendons and the scabs on one of her hind legs . Does any one know what that is?

Some angles make her look gross and idk why. The tacked up walk trot ones make her look icky so please no comments she's really not thin.

I also put some after work photos in here. Is she sweating in the correct spots? Theres some dry spots where the saddle goes but I think its from the half pad, am I wrong?

Thanks every one. You've all been so helpful latley.

I didn't want to do a gazillion topics in all diff sections.
She's had these scabs since I've got her. I've used betadine and aloe and every kind of shampoo and conditioner out there nothing at all has helped.

New confo shots, well kind of lol.

The solid colored hoof looks to me like the heel is still much much higher . This is the one she's 'favoring' ground isnt the most level .




13. I tried to get her to stand square I swear lol

More comming please hold. Lol
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    02-09-2010, 06:38 PM


All done

Please again, the tacked up longeing photos she looks skinny. Look at the others posted. She's actually at a pretty healthy weight finally. I'd like to get another 20 lbs on her though. Just because id rather her ribs covered more.

videos comming next
    02-09-2010, 06:42 PM
I'm going to repeat myself again. These are warm up videos and it was a bit windy. She was looking into the woods and wasent paying much attention. She hasent been out in about 4 days as well. Its hard videoing and lounging at the same time , I only have 2 hands lol.

Ignore my ***** horse in the backround screaming

Only video I got on her bad side I didn't want to push it. You can see how she favors this side.

Ok all done now.
    02-09-2010, 06:51 PM
What I see is that your horse looks lame in the second video. Her feet do look like they need done- what is with that huge crack on her left front? I'd say that you do need a farrier out but more importantly a vet check. She doesn't look totally sound. Also, just an FYI, horse's feet are not supposed to be symmetrical, all four feet usually have some variation to them. I don't know, I don't think there is a huge difference in her heel height but it is hard to tell with the different coloring.

Good luck with your girl, I hope you get her issues sorted.
    02-09-2010, 06:54 PM
Farrier was just here last sunday and that's when she started acting up. The crack has been notched that's the hole you see above the crack . It keeps it from proceeding up higher. I think the problem foot's heel is too high but I told him that and he said no. So im going to get a different farrier out in 6 weeks and see what he says. He's supposed to be a specialist (the new guy im going to try) so I guess we shall see.

As for being lame, she's not. She always acts like a giraffe on the lunge when she hasent been out in a few days.
    02-09-2010, 06:57 PM
I don't think she needs more weight, but I think like Mercedes said in the previous thread, she needs a LOT of muscle. I could be seeing things (my eyes are amateur!), but I don't think she's using her back/hind end properly at all and that could be the reason why she's favoring her front end and also why she might be so sore up there. I don't think you're doing her any favors by asking her to canter without the proper muscle and without using herself properly.

I second telamutt's observations. In all of the videos as she comes down on her front left, she bobs.
    02-09-2010, 06:58 PM
It isn't her head carriage that bothers me, it is her bobbing. Lameness is often very difficult to spot, even to the trained eye. Since her problem fits well with a lameness I would personally have her evaluated by a vet.
    02-09-2010, 07:21 PM
I think that he cut her too short on that left front . But I posted to see if any one else sees any other possible contributants. So I am open to hear it all. She's my world and she's the best horse i've ever worked with . I'll be retiring her when she hits 20. She's turning 18 in may. We've worked too hard to quit now.
    02-09-2010, 07:27 PM
It actually looks more like a hind end lameness to me. But if it is front end, the head bobs on the sound leg, which would mean her right front is the problem. Lameness is really, really hard to localize from a video. Usually the trotting is done to get an over all "feel" for whether the horse is sound or not and then flexion tests and hoof testing done to localize anything that "feels" off from watching them move.

I hope you're not reading my posts as being snarky or rude, I feel the same way about my boy and would be trying hard to find answers too! I'm just sharing what I know with you since we're studying equine lameness right now. I feel like I've watched a hundred million lame horses in the last few weeks!! I'm still learning this stuff, but I do feel she is lame and that you should have her soundness evaluated by a pro.
    02-09-2010, 07:31 PM
Not at all, im trying to take everything in now , I used to get defensive and still do, its a bad habit I've always had my whole life. I apprechiate the tips. I'm actually going to get the new farrier out the 2nd week of next month, he's supposed to be a hoof specialist. If he can't help then the vets next on the list =] im wanting him to come out anyway and look at those scabby things that wont go away.

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