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Our horses hate mini donkeys...anyone else have this problem?

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    05-01-2010, 10:02 PM
This is obviously a widespread problem, as all of our horses act ridiculous around our mini-donkey as well! In fact, I often request the "donkey-corner" to long line in, because my horse loses his mind around the donkey (despite the fact that she weighs in at about 1/30 of his weight). I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one with this problem - when you figure out the answer, please tell me pronto!!! :)
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    05-01-2010, 10:20 PM
Oh this is sooo funny.
My gelding had never seen a mini donkey. I was walkin ghiim to turnout last summer and he totally unraveled at the seams. At first I could not figure out what he was so terrified of...Then I realized it was this poor little mini donkey...

Needles to say, the staff at my barn hated taking my horse to turn out. I ended up having to do it my self until he was better about going past it. The its name is "Spanky" and he is a cutie!

You could never be certain my gelding Tiny...lol for his real name is Tiny N Tough....and he apparently did not feel this way when near this little Spanky

Well soon it turned winter so no more turn out. When I finally decided to acclimate Tiny to outdoor living with a shelter and then to pasture this last Feb...the mini was brought to the same paddocks with shelters. There is a row of them. I swear he stayed in one spot for 3 days just looking at the donkey!
He didn't even eat...no joke....This donkey was in the 4th paddock away and these are little paddocks...
Eventually he got used to the little guy! He no longer looks sideways at Spanky. But ....knowing Tny if he goes to long without seeing Spanky he will be scared allover again...

Yes to the poster who said something about te smell of Donkey's, burro's and mules being different. Some horses are cool with it and others just cannot get past it...funny thing...

I would just try your best (with safety in mind) and get your horse used to seeing them as often as possible...you never know they could stick around for a while so might as well start now....

    05-01-2010, 10:42 PM
My horse is scared of mini donkeys too. She likes donkeys and Mules but not minis. And she hates Llamas lol.
    05-02-2010, 12:21 AM
My Horses were not pleased at first with the mini donkey that is at our boarding barn.
My Paint was used to seeing them before as he lived with two before I got him, it didn't take him long to get used to her. When she brays he still looks around like "what is that noise?" My mustang on the other hand used every excuse to kinda freak out when he saw her or heard her. That is just him though ...making up reasons not to listen. He is getting used to her now and doesnt give her much thought unless she brays and he gets looky .....been a few months now though that she has been there.

**Most people I talk to either like them or don't like them...I think she is kinda cute and def. Friendly , when I hear her bray it makes me laugh. My daughter def. Loves the mini donkey at our barn too : )
    05-02-2010, 12:32 AM
Bahaha this is SO funny. Horses are so friggin weird as we all know but this thread really brings out the 'weirdness'

Our girls are fine with donkeys, the first time Starlite saw one she gave him a LOOK for a minute then she was okay. He usually runs the fence line with us when we go out on the trails, so they had better be used to him! LOL I don't think they've ever seen MINI donkeys before though, I haven't! But the first time Dream saw a mini horse, she gave it the funniest look - like "WTF ARE YOU?", so cute!

Starlite apparently has a problem with BROWN cows. Black and white ones, fine! Brown ones, HOLY CRAP. And she had an issue with an emu...

Gotta love horses!
    05-02-2010, 12:35 PM
Green Broke
When Hunter went to the trainers they had a mini donkey and he used to share his food with him. They hung out together in the stall. I think Hunter liked him cus he was the only animal smaller than him lol. He doesn't take to kindly to mini goats though and he really didn't know what to make of the llama we walked past last week. The more exposure they get the better they should become. The first time Duke saw one in the field he freaked. Stood stock still head in the air snorting, now this is a huge percheron (afraid of a little donkey - too funny). After we rode by there a few times he didn't care about the donkey anymore though.
    01-30-2011, 09:01 PM
Green Broke
It is opposite for me
    01-31-2011, 12:39 PM
We just brought in two baby minis to be companions for my brothers prego mare. They actually tried to nurse the first time they met! Lol now she is there protector. I think she will make a great mama with all this 'practice! ;)
    01-31-2011, 12:58 PM
One of my mares has a problem with my full size donkey. I got my "skittish" mare and my gelding (both 11 yrs old) and a month latergot my donkey and my 4 yr old standardbred mare. The donkey and the standardbred met for the first time on the trailer to my house and formed quite a bond. She still protects him. My gelding does seem to mind the donkey but my other mare does not like him one little bit..to the point where I have to "protect him" from her so that he can come in the barn and his stall at night.....their stalls have half walls so I have to stand in front of her stall to make sure she does not reach out to bite him every night. As I know he can defend himself if he really wants to I often wonder when he is going to get sick and tired of always watching out for her.... even in the pasture and finally defend himself but it does not seem to be his way...he is such a sweetheart.
I have wondered what it is that she does not like about him and never thought that maybe she is afraid!!!!
    01-31-2011, 06:49 PM
My old horse was terrified of the minis at the old farm I boarded at. I used to have to back him into the dressage ring if I wanted to work in there because their field was right next to the entrance of the ring. He should have been bomb proof sinc there were also cows, sheep, goats, an alpaca and various birds (ducks, geese, a swan) and harness racers at this farm. But he thought the miniature mutants might eat him. At least he wasn't the only odd ball, it seems to be a widespread issue haha.

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