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    01-22-2011, 02:13 PM
And regretfully library's don't have them! >:( Even my city's gigantic library doesn't have any. Just a few books from Monty Roberts and hundreds of regular horse: breed, management, health and riding books. I like Monty a lot too, but I wish I could get some CA training videos somewhere for free. ;) If you cannot spend much, Ebay is an option (there usually is a steady flow of CA training videos for a great price and in good condition too).
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    01-22-2011, 07:56 PM
Green Broke
Clinton! Clinton! Clinton! I understand his method, it's easy, and he is a character (you can see his method on RFD-TV)
    01-22-2011, 08:07 PM

I absolutely love Clinton's way of training.. I first started Parelli by watching RFDTV and bumped into Clinton's TV sessions there.. and got hooked ever since...yes his videos are very expensive and so it his equipment. But they also have NoWorries club - I only pay $20/m membership and there are MANY different videos that will give you a lot of information and how-to and you may watch them any time. I don't work for Clinton and I am not associated with him by any ways or means to promote for profit or whatever.. but this has really worked for me so far..
    01-22-2011, 09:57 PM
Originally Posted by Five Furlongs    
Which books (or even DVDs) would you guys suggest to buy by these different trainers to learn more about them and their training techniques?

If you can't afford all the DVD's you can rent them from or they are both like netflix for horse dvds. You will find almost all Clinton Anderson DVDs and many others to learn from. Its a great investment that I would suggest anyone invest in. It gives you the opprotunty to try out many different trainers.
    01-22-2011, 10:03 PM
Originally Posted by chvyluvgrl    
If you can't afford all the DVD's you can rent them from or they are both like netflix for horse dvds. You will find almost all Clinton Anderson DVDs and many others to learn from. Its a great investment that I would suggest anyone invest in. It gives you the opprotunty to try out many different trainers.
sweet!! I didnt know that!

Horseflix does not rent DVDs anymore. They sold them all =(
    01-23-2011, 01:01 AM
Originally Posted by OneFastHorse    
sweet!! I didnt know that!

Horseflix does not rent DVDs anymore. They sold them all =(

That stinks. Well giddyupflix was always better anyway lol.
    01-23-2011, 01:17 AM
As for the video what the hell is Linda trying to do? As for the techniques, I like to use a lot of Clinton Anderson and the games from Parelli
    01-23-2011, 10:10 AM
I think the games from parelli are very good. They make it a lot easier for the person to understand and work with the horse. Other than that I really don't like parelli all that much.

I taught my mare to lunge/round pen using CA and it worked great. She lunges better than any horse I know and she's so good on the ground.
    01-23-2011, 10:36 AM
My vote is for Chris Cox. I know one year at his Madison, WI stop someone there was using force with their animal and he stepped right in and stopped it. Would've loved to have him see Linda in that video, I'm sure he would have corrected her right off.

Also, after watching all their shows Chris is the only trainer actually to show how to do a one rein stop by disengaging the hindquarters. He tells it right out that you can turn and flex your horses head all you want, but a horse can and often does continue in a straight line run. He showed the method to not only turn their head but also how to disengage the hind quarter to make the stop safe.

But to get back to the original question all trainers put their methods out there, it is up to you who knows your individual animal and how they respond to you. Use what works best for you and your horse. The best training is consistent training so they know when they are responding correctly to your cues.
    01-23-2011, 10:52 AM
I have a horse trained by an old-school Parelli instructor and the horse is amazing and the trainer was amazing. I give a lot of credit to the trainer, who was a true horseman. Interestingly, he had dropped his official Parelli instructor license or brand or whatever because the Parellis make their 'licensed' instructors use ONLY Parelli techniques or else they can't carry the Parelli brand. Surprised, anyone?

I think Clinton Anderson has been so successful because has people skills. He can actually teach. He tells you what he's doing, shows you what he's doing, gets the crowd to recognize what's he's doing and say it back to him, and as adults that how we learn best. We can see "the moment" when we should be releasing pressure. Not so much the Parelli's. John Lyons is a great horseman, and a really nice guy from what I have seen, but his methods are hard for me to see "the moment." He uses a lot of rein work and not so much leg aids (because his knees were shot and he couldn't use his legs without intense pain). I do use his desensitizing methods, and I love his teaching that your horse doesn't have to stop and stare at the scary thing, he has to walk on as if it isn't there. That's the goal.

I also like Julie Goodnight. For those of you who are English and dressage disciplines, she started as an English rider, working with racehorses; has done work on dressage horses, and of course also does Western. She is a good teacher - and a great horsewoman. Lately she has been pushing Myler bits and that turned me off at first (I don't like the idea that you have to have certain brands of equipment). However, her goal was to show WHY the bit change was helpful and I used that lesson, changed my gelding's bit and (knock wood) think I am on the way to successfully turning a sour gelding into a happy gelding with that result. She is really big on pre-signals - and I think the idea of pre-signals has changed the way I deal with my horses. BTW, the Ray Hunt/Dorrance horsemen used pre-signals, too, so this has roots in the original natural horsemanship methods.

Agree that Chris Cox is good - he tells it like it is. I laughed my tush off when he was talking about women talking on trail rides and not "riding" their horses. Cannot understand Dennis Reis although he's effective, can't argue with that. His stuff is pricey so I haven't shelled out for the DVDs.

Would add that Ken McNabb is also a solid horseman, from the John Lyons school originally, and he is a great teacher. I have been to several of his clinics and I really like his methods. Nothing fancy, he gets his ideas across. He has some DVDs on his web site too.

Bottom line, I think it does not matter one whit what the clinicians can do by themselves. If they cannot TEACH in a way that YOU can use their techniques and have a happier, more productive horse, you haven't found the right combination yet. They have to be able to get their ideas across to you.

And, I agree that you can pick up great tips and techniques from lots of different people. The best trainers and clkinicians will admit that they are always learning, always incorporating different ideas all the time...

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