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Please Help! 3yr old backing

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  • Backing 3yr old horse first time

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    12-13-2011, 12:20 AM
Alot of what these people are saying is great advice. If you can't handle him find a trainer. You don't want to get hurt if you you don't understand enough to fix the problem. If you can't afford something like that study up on why your horse is doing that and what the reasons could be. Check all reasons off, including you doing something wrong or him/her being in pain. After that is assessed try working on all the groundwork and manners first(like previously mentioned). You want to learn with your horse in a safe way and the ground is the first place you want to start. Try different angles of approaching the situation. Every horse is different and learns at a different pace, just like we do. Some you have to be more patient with cause they need more repitition and some learn after a few times and will do it right on cue everytime after that. It just depends. That horse wouldn't act that way under saddle if it had an understanding of exactly what you were trying to get across to him/her. You might have been asking in the wrong way. Sending too many signals is often the problem with people still learning themselves usually because they don't know the right way of getting it across to their horse. Ultimately you want your horse to work with you instead of against you. Use the internet, it works wonders. There are hundreds of trainers that have their training help online. If you need some references there are a few big names you could look for that do the job right the first time: lynn palm, clinton anderson, pat parelli, john lyons(his son does more now). If you are into horses I'm sure you've heard of many of them. They are all natural horsemanship trainers who have shared their methods of training making the cowboy days of "breaking" a memory of the past. Most of them work western(lynn palm does both...she's personally my favorite probably because she shocked the world with being the first person to win 2 superhorse titles on the same horse, the famous Rugged lark...r.i.p and she made brideless riding a thing to accomplish) Just like mentioned before youtube is a wonderful tool, but don't forget about forums like this one, magazine articles, live clinics, and the infamous rfdtv channel if you get it. Investing in buying training videos for references really helps too. If you needed help further don't be scared to ask. We are all here to help one another. I'm sure we all have our own personal expertise in the horse world and we are on here for the same reasons. We love horses and we want to give help as much as we want to recieve help. I hope that helped. Happy training.
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    12-13-2011, 03:26 AM
I can understand why your mum wanted to tye the stirrups underneath but that's acturally the wrong point. Its supposed to be done to get the horse desensatized (sp) to feeling the sturrips against the sides without any banging against the animal and shouldn't be done with a rider on board.
She looks like one very over phased young horse, I'd go right back as I have found because you can do something quickly doesn't mean you should.
I'd be looking for a trainer so you can get help with these problems.
Also on a side note your mum should really be wearing a riding hat, glooves and preferably a body protector when lunging.
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    12-13-2011, 12:24 PM
I'm sorry, but you said you are 16 and have no least with breaking a horse? WHY would your mom put you on an unbroke 3year old??? I'm a mom and would NEVER do that. Glad you are ok. Your filly needs to learn to balance with the rider's weight before putting side reins on to teach head carriage. My suggestion would be to send your girl to a trainer who actually knows what they are doing. :)
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    12-13-2011, 12:33 PM
Also...always end on a GOOD NOTE! Even if you work her (round pen) for 5 minutes, short and sweet is a good thing. She will learn to trust you more as well. Horses are flight animals, if they are scared, they will blow up, run, etc. Patience is important, but with calm authority. TRUST is a huge thing with them. :) Good luck can do it. Like the others said, back to basics with her, doesn't look like she's ready to ride yet.
    12-13-2011, 08:18 PM
Do you have any videos of this happening? There are a few things I can think of that could cause this such as something scaring her, confusing her, lack of respect, that fact she has gotten away with it. Eventually you or someone will have to ride it out or it will only get worse

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