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Problem with my 2 year old gelding

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  • 2 year old colt hates feet picked up

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    12-13-2006, 10:00 AM
problems with 2yr old gelding

Hello, a couple years back I bought a 2 yr old thoroughbred who had been abused and also wouldnt let me pick up his feet. Something I found was that you have to be very consistant and constantly praise them. For example, start off with his 2 front feet because he should be more comfortable with you touching those. Everyday spend at least 10-15 mins just picking up a foot, holding it for about 3-5 secs ( hopefully he will allow that) an then putting it down and praising him. Then repeat. You can also reward him with a treat if you have one! Eventually he will learn to balance himself and actually enjoy holding his feet up bc he knows he will be rewarded for it, even if it is just a simple praise or even a treat! Hope this helps some!
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    12-22-2006, 04:19 PM

Try being more gentle and get the leg checked out by the vet, it is not normal behavior for a horse to do if it just dislikes you picking up his feet. Try just stoking the leg and see how far you can get down the leg.when you have gat down the leg scratch the feathers or what ever.
    12-22-2006, 04:29 PM
I am a bit concerned over any pain the horse may be experiencing. It is a bit of a red flag when the horse has one particular limb or sore spot that he is defensive over.
My thoughts exactly. When you said he was only picking up three feet, I was wondering why he wouldn't let you have the other one.

My gelding used to be fussy when we picked up the left front foot. Then, he got a quarter crack on his left front foot. Most people would have the farrier/vet look at the front left foot... but we had them focus on the front RIGHT foot. And sure enough.. that's where the problem was.

He was compensating all his weight on the front left, so when we went to pick it up to pick it, he would hate it, because it would put all his weight on his front right foot.. the ouchie one. He then got a split on his front left foot, because he was putting all of his weight of his front end on his front left foot.. and it finally cracked.

So, sometimes the problems are a bit sneakier to figure out ;)

And as for getting him to pick up his feet better.. the way I train the babies, is to pick the foot up and hold it for a moment. I wait until they stop wiggling, and as soon as they stop, I count to three, and put the foot down. Don't be too ambitious! Don't expect to clean his hoof out on the first attempt. Let him know when he stops wiggling, his foot will be put back down.

I notice this post is kinda old.. I hope all is going well! And since its a back leg, beware being kicked! =)
    12-24-2006, 01:50 PM
We have discovered that he could have a problem with his back. I realised that the reason he wasn't picking up his back foot was because he was in pain. My sister checked his back and felt all along his spine and he was looking like he was in pain. He was broken to pull a cart and I think that is what has put a strain on his back. We are getting a vet out as soon as we can to check him over
    01-05-2007, 10:25 PM
Holding up their feet for you is scary for an untrusting horse because when a predator (in this case you) has one of their legs they ca't run away now can they Since he has trust issues before you work with picking up his feet I would get him accostomed to you being around him. Wait until he's comfortable with you rubbing his entire body including face but do it slowly and over a long period of time once he trusts you he won't see you as that scary predator anymore!

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