Questions on trained to stop, gather, basics?

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Questions on trained to stop, gather, basics?

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    01-10-2012, 09:38 PM
Smile Questions on trained to stop, gather, basics?

I am 15 years old, and I have a mare that is 3 years. I trained her myself about two years ago. She does well, she is very smart but we have ran into a few problems. She knows most of her ground rules and still working on them, so she is past green broke and we ride almost everyday.

I need to know how to train her these things, but simple for me to understand. (please and thank you)

1. She knows to stop with the rein but she is very hard mouthed, I need her to put her feet in the ground when I ask her to cause I can't get her to stop very well when running. How do I do this?

2. My mom has taught her horse to gather himself and he is beautiful when he rides, but when my horse tries to gather she just looks gimpy and dumb. She is very narrow chested and when she trots she throws her legs out kinds of beside her. She is really smooth and comfortable riding but not with her gathering?

3. How do I get her to mirror the moves of cattle? Jewels loves cattle but I have never actually gotten into an arena and have her try to mirror a cow. How do I train her for this?

4. I get that I am a little young to be doing all this by myself. But I need to be for sure that I did everything right on my basic ground training. Could someone possibly list down the basics my horse should know before moving into different training such as side pass, half pass, gathering, spinning, western/dressage. I would really appreciate your help on this. Thanks.
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    01-10-2012, 10:49 PM
To get your horse following cattle just go out into a field with some cows or turn some out in your arena and pick one to follow. Follow it around, when it turns you turn, if it starts trotting you start trotting, if it starts running you start loping. Keep doing this with different cows until your horse gets the idea that it is supposed to watch the cow. Once she starts doing it herself you can start steering less and less. She will figure out to do what the cow is doing and you can refine it from there.
    01-10-2012, 11:16 PM
Stop relying so much on the bit to stop her and start using the rest of your body. Put a good "whoa" on her using the three-part cue: 1. Sit deep. 2. Say "whoa." 3. Pull back if necessary. As soon as she stops, she gets slack in her reins. You MUST reward the correct action immediately, even if you have to take the reins right back up as she's walking off. Every try on her part must result in a release on your part. Not necessarily a full release, but a small reward (incentive) all the same.
    01-11-2012, 01:00 AM
First, I'd like to say I've been in a very similar situation myself.

First is the stopping problem. While you are riding, try to focus less on your hands and more on your body language, and believe it or not, your eyes. Make sure you plant your body down into the seat of the saddle and stop riding his gait. This will be a definite sign for him to at least slow down. I'm guess you know the phrase "look where you want to go"? Well, same goes for stopping. To halt, stop looking where you want to go, and focus on his head/pole area instead.

The Cow dilema, unfortunately, I don't have much advice for this, mainly because I'm having many of the same problems you do, but my main piece of advice would simply be to follow the cow's movement yourself, while you're riding, so that possibly, he will pick up on what you are trying to teach him, and possibly do it himself. Oh, and unlike what Lynn said, I wouldn't let him trot with the cow, or lope with the cow. The objective is to keep the cows moving slowly I.e. Walking. :)

As for Gathering, I don't have much experience with it, but I would say, just keep trying, maybe more and more gradually, until you get to a point that you are happy with, maybe an even slower trot ect. Just keep at it... Sorry that's all I have :/

Good luck!

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