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Rebringing up 7y.o. mare

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        10-30-2009, 08:33 AM
    Leah: Again, thanks a lot. But firstly, I am going to teach her to do what I ask her to do without reins, to understand both, seat and legs. It makes sense to me now. I hope your horses are and will be fine :)
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        10-30-2009, 03:16 PM
    Well, strikes me that you are doing quite well on your own. I suggest you follow your instincts.
    Rebringing up 7y.o. Mare
    ….... She is just pony for joy, not competitions and so on...
    She sounds OK to me. How high in hands? Which breed?
    …… She stops, but, again, only with pulling reins. .
    Find a training halter and work her in hand - your head at the same level as hers. Use at the beginning firm positive pressure but then try to lighten the pressure. (first: ask, then: demand, then: insist). Use a firm voice and the hand together. Relax all pressure instantly she obeys.
    Show her everything which might frighten her - set up scary obstacles to pass by,
    ... I wanna (ugh!!!) make her make some muscles,... you know what ;)
    Look up “Stacey Westfall” on the Google. Watch the videos.
    Muscles come with work. Make sure she develops evenly on both sides.
    …. Turning on my weight and legs.
    Now try to stop her with your thighs, and butt together with a very, very light hesitation of the bit through the reins. You should also regularly shorten the reins up and “collect” her up ie take a light contact thru the bit with her mouth. To ride an exuberant horse safely you must gain control of the neck and head.
    …….stopping, I can see a tiny improvement, but only at the corral, not in the terrain.
    She is getting excited and liking her work. You must practice more in the arena so that you can slow her down. When you want her to stop (whoah) then hesitate and freeze your body. Pull gently back on the reins and push down on the stirrup bars. If you stop the head and neck - the horse must slow down.
    ……..She sees field and she rushes out...
    Of course - but don’t let her. Slow her down and stroke her neck for being a good girl.
    ……… but she seems not to hear, so I have to pull the reins.
    Yes because you are not giving her any aid to slow -such as a non verbal instruction by hand or thigh, or foot, or seat.
    ……Yeah, (where did you learn all this slang?) she makes no probelms with stopping. She always stops if I ak her to. But I don't like riding this way... I know I am not the best man for it,
    I disagree - you are the best person to teach her - but it seems you must give more attention to stopping her.
    …….Cavalettes, and some tiny jumps.
    Fallen tree trunks do fine.
    …..…Teaching only on voice (walk, trot, canter, stop,...)
    Remember she can only recognise a limited number of words. (Which incidentally can be in Czech or even , dare I suggest, German)
    …….Some tips for me, please?
    You need an arena (a safe enclosed area) or some form of pen. Do you have one?
    What sort of bit are you using?
    Are you riding “English” or Western?
    What are you feeding her? Does she live indoors or out in a field?
    Can you rise to the trot?
    ….to go forward. I think she could have been wonderful pony
    She has found you in time so she is young enough to still be a wonderful jumping pony or anything else you want to make her into.

    ……I was introduced to her with words: "Be careful".
    Horses are born with a well founded fear of humans - don’t be surprised. It is your job to reduce those fears to nothing.
    ……..Under saddle she was a bit wild, but OK to ride...
    It seems as though you have a good “seat”
    ………all 4 hooves to clean, takes bridle with no problems and on our way home .
    You are doing well - you have more to do.
    …….. I am out of ideas...
    No, you are not out of ideas, you found the Horse Forum - we will all help.
    My personal hints would be:
    1/ to work her more in hand in a safe area - lead her around in a training halter - one which works on the poll and the nose. Take her into the community in hand but take it in stages, step by step. Then one day ride her into the community with a friend on foot, close by at hand. Use your voice but start to use your body as a communication aid. Are your heels up or down?
    2/ Read up the English horsey terms for example : “collection” in Wikipedia on the internet.
    3/ You need to communicate with the horse in such a way that she knows what you are asking for - so you must be careful to be constant. You need control but hopefully you can achieve that without resorting to harsh bits. You need to slow her down - try catering her around an arena as slowly as you can without dropping back into trot. To do this well, you must ride with short reins and gentle contact with the mouth (collection). Also make lots of circles and turns. Change the pace regularly.
    Keep your little girl away from all loud noisy rough people. Handle her yourself.
    Magic, best of luck. Let us know how you get on
        10-30-2009, 06:05 PM
    Originally Posted by shanoona    
    Leah: Again, thanks a lot. But firstly, I am going to teach her to do what I ask her to do without reins, to understand both, seat and legs. It makes sense to me now. I hope your horses are and will be fine :)
    Keep us posted! :]

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