Rescued a horse who has developed problems tying...

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Rescued a horse who has developed problems tying...

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    04-06-2011, 04:14 AM
Question Rescued a horse who has developed problems tying...

I rescued a AQHA mare two months ago. The rescue I got her from had no problems with her standing tied for hours and hours at a time. She shipped to my house and somewhere in transit when they stopped for a break and water one of her travel mates exploded in the trailer scaring her and causing her to be traumatically trapped on her back tied in the trailer until someone could cut her loose. Ever since that incident she will not stand tied to anything for very long without exploding violently against what she is tied to at least once. Her explosions are completely random and have no consistant factor other than the fact she is securely tied. I have never had a horse with this problem before so any advice on fixing this would be nice. Are stud chains recommended or is there something else I could try to get her to not explode anymore. It is becoming dangerous to stand by her and we are blowing through nylon lead ropes like you would not believe! What do I need to do to start seeing some good results? She is young but it is obvious someone started her Right and put a lot of saddle time into her. Thanks in advance to all who have advice to share.
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    04-06-2011, 04:48 AM
If it's as violent as you say it is a stud chain would more than likely destroy her face. Which isn't ideal.

Because from the sounds of it, her pulling and fighting is more out of fear than disrespect, i'd personally slowly & very gently teach her to give to a big fat wide leather halter and after she has that pretty good i'd tie her to very forgiving elastic in that big fat wide leather halter. After a while of something simple & easy like that her fear will most likely go away.

But with all this forgiving stuff she will have probably learnt to lean on it all, so once she's confident & happy with that then's the time to ease her into a less forgiving halter and get rid of the elastic.
    04-06-2011, 05:58 AM
Green Broke
Wow! How tragic! That poor horse! DO NOT use a stud chain on her!! That only gives her more of a reason to react violently! Just be there for her. It was a traumatic thing that happened to her and you will just need to take your time. Right back to leading her and pressure and release.

Don't expect to tie her anytime soon. Don't expect her to get over this anytime soon. Just take your time and let her know where she is safe. Being next to you and when she does have an episode talk to her gently, and calm her as best as you can. Stay calm and she should settle.

I'm sorry that this happened and I pray you can help her get through this.
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    04-06-2011, 06:04 AM
Thank you so much for both of your helpful input. I was told to use a stud chain and was so scared to. You are Right as she is a complete gem in hand and is not at all disrespectful to her handler. I am really glad I went with my gut and posted to this forum to ask before I implemented any chains or devices like that....
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    04-06-2011, 06:08 AM
Agree with the other posters, this poor horse has a very legit reason for being scared of tying. I would not use a chain or any kind of force with her, I would go very slowy and be very reassuring will gradually increasing the amount of time you ask her to stand tied. I think the key will be not to do *anything* that adds to her fear while you have her tied.

I have not personally used one; but have seen many recommendations her for the tie blocker ring.

The idea is that it has some give to it - it allows the horse to pull all the slack out of the lead rope, lessening the panic and desire to fight the tie.
Might be worth investigating as a tool to use with her.
    04-06-2011, 06:40 AM
Green Broke
Yeah I like those. But here's the other thing. Start by hand tying her. If you have a halter and lead, just apply a little pressure down. Just until she starts to lift her head in fear. Keep on the pressure very lightly and then let go. Quick. You will learn where her uncomfortable zone is. Don't go past it until she starts to become comfortable. Step by step.
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    04-06-2011, 07:10 AM
I second the NOT using a stud chain. Time, gaining her confidence and trust is what she needs. The tie blocker ring is a very good piece of equipment.

One word of caution about using leads with elastic in them. Especially the bungie cord elastic. Elastic can and will break primarily where it is sewn or has snaps attached. I had a bungie cord trailer tie at one time. My mare got upset in the trailer and sat back before I could get her undone. The tie broke and hit her in the face. She wasn't injured, but an eye could easily have been put out. I had heard of cases where horses had lost eyes due to the cords breaking.
    04-06-2011, 08:22 AM
Green Broke
I prefer the hand tying method.. put the rope around the solid object but hold the end in your hand.. and read the horse and know when to give as the fear starts.. and exact timing is very important.

I also like to train a horse to 'ground tie.' A horse who will ground tie reliably is of great value as you drop the lead or the reigns and the horse does not move.

I am sorry your horse went through this. Do not continue to tie her securely as every time she fights, she is learning there really is something to be afarid of. No chains etc. will hold her and there is no reason behind punishing a frightened horse other than to increase her fear.
    04-06-2011, 02:47 PM
Thanks everyone! This input is so helpful!! I just got a blocker ring today. I can't wait to start this method with her and watch her get past this. I really appreciate all of your sound advice! Much thanks!! <3

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