Scary parade coming up...?

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Scary parade coming up...?

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        11-13-2007, 06:36 PM
    Scary parade coming up...?

    The santa claus parade is coming up in a few weeks and I can only see my horse on weekends. She was doing fine on trails and stuff this summer but with less riding she is not as calm. It is hunting season and we have been warned about going on trails, I might be able to go on the road but you can still hear guns and stuff. We have two driveways, and normal paved one, one beside all the riding rings and field, and a tractor one that she is really scared of. Other than that those are the only areas on the property I can ride on to prepare. Any ideas on how to get her ready for the parade?
    Oh also, how do you find out where any Christmas shows are?
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        11-13-2007, 07:04 PM
    Guess It depends on how big this parade is and if you have ridden in one before. We have only ridden in 2 this summer and they were fairly small (one non-motor). Get her used to cars and trucks as much as possible. Can you have someone ride around you in a car, 4 wheeler, tractor that sort of thing maybe while blowing the horn? Start playing a radio loud while riding. I think I said someplace in another thread that the first one we rode in we got behind antique cars that were backfiring. Vida took it like a trooper after I finally calmed down.

    Parades are someplace to ride a horse you have complete confidence in and that you feel you have good control over. Its a great place to get yourself, your horse and other people possibly small children hurt if you in the least bit unsure of your horse. Think long and hard before riding in parades.

    Just a note, we ride with hunter orange vests and hats on during hunting season.
        11-14-2007, 12:13 AM
    I am also preparing a horse for a parade, and these are a few things I have done:

    Ridden the horse near the road, and then next to the road to get used to the cars driving by and the sounds.

    Sat on him in the round pen while others honked horns of cars, blared radios, used horn blowers and threw small objects (to signify candy and other objects kids' throw)

    Followed a car while mounted, and practiced standing behind it for 15 minute intervals.

    Dressed him up in his costume to include lights, and did all of the above.

    Mounted and rode through mini obstacle courses, I.e my friends waving tarps through the air, randomly moving and making noise, moving large objects around, running in front and behind us.

    I have also practiced trailering to different locations and ridden him to get him used to getting out of the trailer and being mounted in busy areas.

    Basically if you know something is going to happen in this parade, make sure your horse is prepared for it. If the parade is at night, ride at night. It will also help to acquaint him with the other horses that will be riding with you from your stable. That way you don't have to worry about them trying to bite and kick each other while you are riding in a foreign and scary place.
        11-14-2007, 05:34 AM
    Great list Lacey, I want to add balloons. The first parade we rode in every kid along the route had a balloon it seemed like.

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