Should i keep doing this ?

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Should i keep doing this ?

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        12-08-2012, 06:01 AM
    Should i keep doing this ?

    Well the last 6 or 7 times I rode my horse I had been riding him bareback in a rope halter. (I started in a round yard and in the paddock and than in the arena) .So I decided to see if I could teach him to turn by using my legs, he went suprisingly well ! Sometimes I would make a mistake and sometimes he wouldnt listen but in the 7th ride I was turning him by using the lightest touch of the rope against his neck and mostly steering with my legs, I also realised I could get him to bend in the corner because I rode like that in english. I worked on refining stops and goes with a command, and because I have a bad habit of pulling him first to make him stop instead of leaning back, I practised getting him to stop when I leaned back and with not much rope pressure. So I was amazed and because he was more sensetive to my leg I could nearly get us to do a full turn on the forehand ! And we sometimes did a leg yield properly even know it might have only lasted for a couple of seconds ! It still made me very happy.
    He had been taught to flex at the pole in a rope halter and so I worked on that a bit to. But here is when things get complicated, I decided to ride in a saddle because Slip just had the farrier, and I had time to tack up I got the saddle out and he looked at it like it was scary But when I put it on his back he was fine
    . So I rode in a bridle with a bit, with a english saddle. But while riding I forget to steer with my legs and when I put to much pressure on one side or the other I found he would bend a bit to one side or the other or become confused ! So while he was still remembering to be steered with my legs, I just totally forgot. So now im not sure if I should have taught him to yield from my leg because when I ride with a saddle my legs are shorter on his side so I can't really get enough contact to push him over, but because I worked on that the last 7 rides he is more responsive. Is it bad for an english horse to be to sensitive to yielding from leg pressure ? Should I just let him forget about what I taught him, or should I ride him English, with what I recently taught him. Sorry if this is confusing but I actully didnt think I could teach him to turn with my legs in a short ammount of time, and I feel that he prefers this way but I don't want him confused when being ridden english. Just so you guys know he is 16.3 and I am not tall so when in a saddle I don't have much leg contact on his barrel.
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        12-08-2012, 09:52 AM
    That happens when going from bareback to a saddle. I actually will start teaching bridleless riding to a horse bareback for this reason and then teach it in a saddle. It is harder for the horse to feel the different responses in the saddle because it is restricting to the rider. So by starting a que bareback it is easier for them to understand then move to the saddle and keep practicing it. Now the horse has the idea and can learn to pick it up a little easier.

    But you do have to keep yourself as a rider consistent and that just takes more practice and time. I wouldn't stop trying though because more than likely you are being inconsistent in other areas of your riding and when you get this down it will improve you as a whole.

    Its not the right thing to lie to your horse by being inconsistent, but there isn't anybody that doesn't do it. We just need to keep trying to improve and when we do, it is amazing at how quick the "horse" becomes better.
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        12-08-2012, 10:01 AM
    Just another thought too, chris cox was putting on a demonstration with a horse that I saw and was showing that some people are very good leg riders and others ride almost entirely with their hands. He explained that both parties think this is how the horse should be controlled, which you see often. But then he says neither is right or wrong the horse should be able to do both. And I kid you not that horse he was on did both with no thought about it. The horse was very responsive too. This made me reconsider my whole program, I am almost more of a person to push riding with your seat because I see inexperienced or rough handed riders abusing the horses mouth with a bit. And in an effort to give the horse some more comfort I try to teach using more seat cues. But what I have done with my own horses is not make them go off of reining as much, which I do now and they are better for it.
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        12-08-2012, 06:12 PM
    Thank you for the long reply , I will keep trying and finish what I started in a way. I will be riding in a saddle more often, and I will still do some bareback so I will try my best to beconsistant with what I am teaching when bareback, and in saddle.

    I will keep trying to remeber every turn and bend to use my leg, because I really enjoyed riding like this and my horse was listening so well.

    I just was thinking it might have been bad for an english horse to be able to turn using the leg, because Anky Vansgraven said only use your reins for turning and I heard she was the top dressage rider, but she uses rolkhur so I was thinking how is she the trop dressage rider in the world? Any ways I don't even like Anky.

    I like how Chris cox's thinks.
    I feel that with imrpoving my horses responsiveness to the leg so he can go sideways, forwards and bend more succsefully that hopefull, this year we can do a full leg yield. My horse has taught me allot, but he has also taught me that he doesnt yield to leg pressure well and needs lots of pushes to go forwards, so I want to improve on that. I guess I am just paranoid about ruining him. Thanks for reasurring me that what I did wasn't bad

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