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Something WONDERFUL to report!! - And some new questions?

This is a discussion on Something WONDERFUL to report!! - And some new questions? within the Horse Training forums, part of the Training Horses category

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        09-17-2008, 10:14 PM
    Originally Posted by northernmama
    AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN SHE SPIT ALL OF HER CHEWED FOOD ALL OVER MY HEAD!! THE HECK, WHERE DID THAT COME FROM!? T_T;; I've never heard of a horse doing that before! What was up??
    never heard of that one before. Maybe she thinks she's a mother bird feeding her young!
    I love you XD!!
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        09-17-2008, 10:28 PM
    No but yeah, about the bath thing, I'd like to at LEAST take a wet rag and clean some of the dirt off... you see, around on her body here or there, she has scrapes and scratches, and little wounds (like cuts or this one spot on her back that I saw a bee trying to get into one time!! ><UU) And I really feel I need to CLEAN those, otherwise they'll just get worse!!! ... she also has that scar over her eye now, I feel I should clean that... She really needs it though. I mean, I understand she can go without it, but I bet she'd feel so much better if her body was clean... she rolls around in the dirt a lot, I can tell by the dirt that's caked on her back (And sometimes she'll have a rock digging into her side...) and the dirt that's caked into her fur... she does it either to get cool, get rid of flies for a while, or maybe even because she has a problem with her fur... She might have a skin issue, if she does, I'd like to help.

    OH!! This reminds me of one more kind of important thing. I got these fly traps! But I'm afraid she'll get into them and like try to eat them or something! Because she does weird stuff like that ;-; ... But I need to put them in her stall. I put one right outside it, and it's only caught ONE in the two days it's been out there. I need a better place to put it... Can I just not put it in her stable at all? I have no place in there that's out of her reach (not really anyway) an I jus..

    And! I have another anecdote I wish to share, but I'll wait to share it till I hear some more tips.

    Also, about the halter thing. YES, don't worry! I'm going to try and get it off for a WEEK at LEAST before I use the scissors, don't worry! When I talk about this, I'm not talking about doing it all in one day!! I'm talking about in a span of weeks, POSSIBLY even months!

    You guys all assume I'm talking about all today, or all within today and tomorrow, but I'm not ^^U

    I plan on loving on her for at least a week or two before I even attempt the bath thing, people! ^^UU

    Same with her hooves. I'll probably wait a month or two for that though! I would like to get a vet out here earlier, though, maybe within the next week or two. I'd like to try and get a look at her teeth as well. I wanna try and learn how to tell her age and find out how old she really is, seeing her teeth would probably help.

    One more quick question before I submit this - in the wintertime, should I drape like a blanket over her? And should I close her stable to keep her from going outside? I mean, I doubt she would go outside if it were raining or snowing, but should I close the doors just in case? We keep them open all the time now.. My mom doesn't want her pooping in her stall, she wants her to poop out in her pasture because we only have to rake it out into the ground instead of shovel it out.. and spray it with fly spray. Fly spray's been very helpful, btw. I need to spray it on a rag and rub it on her though, she needs that bad.

    That's it for now.. I'll have more later.
        09-17-2008, 10:51 PM
    Can you post a picture of your poor girl? If she really is as bad as it sounds, you may HAVE to bathe her. You need warm running water right where you bathe her to fill up many buckets. I doubt she would be ready for a hosing. You can buy a wash mitt for a couple of bucks or use a rubber curry or a stiff body brush -- whatever works for you. I would advise, to start where ever she is most comfortable with you touching her. It's not the "right" way, but that's not the issue here; it's health. If you can wash a bit of her at a time that's great. Unless you see something serious that calls for it, I wouldn't try to wash all of her at one go.

    Winter? Well, where in CA are you? How cold is the winter? What kind of general health is she in? Will she develop a proper winter coat? I personally advise against blanketing and stabling so long as she can get out of the wind and rain/snow/sleet when she wants to.
        09-18-2008, 06:53 AM
    Originally Posted by northernmama
    Can you post a picture of your poor girl? If she really is as bad as it sounds, you may HAVE to bathe her. You need warm running water right where you bathe her to fill up many buckets. I doubt she would be ready for a hosing. You can buy a wash mitt for a couple of bucks or use a rubber curry or a stiff body brush -- whatever works for you. I would advise, to start where ever she is most comfortable with you touching her. It's not the "right" way, but that's not the issue here; it's health. If you can wash a bit of her at a time that's great. Unless you see something serious that calls for it, I wouldn't try to wash all of her at one go.

    Winter? Well, where in CA are you? How cold is the winter? What kind of general health is she in? Will she develop a proper winter coat? I personally advise against blanketing and stabling so long as she can get out of the wind and rain/snow/sleet when she wants to.
    Um. I can try and get a picture of her tomorrow... in fact i'll go ahead and do it... I've been meaning to. The picture of her that I know is online isn't that great. So I figure I may as well... I'll put them in my horse's profile. I'll make sure to get ones of her cuts and marks and things.. Oooh... I do gotta be careful that the camera doesn't frighten her.

    The only source of running water down there is a hose of well water that we hooked up to go to her water bucket. It's warm in the afternoon because it's hot, but otherwise it's usually either medium or kinda cold ^^UU ... And it's the ONLY source of running water available down there. Her barn is located almost half a mile from our actual house, which is the only source of non well-water(our well water is too iron-rich) for miles around. Our neighbors are about a mile away from our home ^^U

    She's DEFINITELY not ready for a hosing. The last time I brought a hose anywhere near her, she kicked her water bucket and totally managed to soak me with the water. <.<U hahahahahaha.....

    She doesn't mind me touching her everywhere. I'm not sure about her backside and tail just yet, but I can tell you that I can reach all the way around her with my arm and lean on her and she doesn't have a problem with it. I can reach around her neck with both arms too and lean into her - I've hugged her that way and lightly patted her other side. The only place she seems uncomfortable with me touching is her FACE. But I honestly believe it's because of that **** halter..

    We're in high mountain. It gets cold up here. VERY cold. Not below freezing, but we'll get a couple good feet of snow in the heavier years. Last year we got about a foot, the year before that we got a few feet. I'm pretty positive she's in perfect health (aside from the obvious cuts and wounds here or there, the fact that she has a hay belly XD, and she MAY have a skin issue but I don't think so) - her fur's been getting better so I know she doesn't have any weird fur diseases. She just needed the correct vitamins. The grain we give her has all essential vitamins, and since she started eating it, her coat's become thicker and even shinier, despite the fact that I haven't even cleaned it! If I was able to soap her down and give her a bath, she'd probably be one of the most gorgeous dark brown horses ever.

    I'm not sure if she can get fully out of the winter cold. Sure, her stable is adequately equipped to keep out water and snow, but the top part of the door that leads out of her stable and to where her hay is is slatted, not a full cover like the rest of the doors. But all of that part is under tin roofing that has no holes and keeps water out fine. The walls around her are complete walls, there's no windows or slats, at least not until the roof.

    There is one other thing I'm concerned about with her and the wintertime -- the rain. That tin roof will probably be extremely loud. Should I be worried? Or do you think she'll just have to get used to it?

    There is one other thing that I'm worried about ACTIVELY. It's her... When I go down there, I'll find her entire body covered in a fresh sheet of dirt. Her ENTIRE back, not just one side. Also, here or there I think she has spots where she managed to lay in her poop (FYI, there is NO poop in her stable, I clean it every single day, but there's usually nothing in there to begin with besides pee sometimes, which I'll usually dig up and put more dirt over. (we haven't bought her straw bedding yet. I know, we're horrible ><U). I'm worried that she rolls in the dirt.

    I realize they do this sometimes, but there's a reason I'm worried that she rolls in the dirt BESIDES the fact that she gets her coat dirty. This morning, when I went down there, I found a SMALL ROCK LODGED IN HER LEG. She seemed to have possibly had a cut! I pulled it out, but it didn't bleed - so it wasn't TOO DEEP at the very least... but I'm WORRIED. Obviously I can't pull EVERY rock out of the ground - since I found out she rolled in the dirt, I always have tried to pick up as many rocks as I can and throw them whenever I go down there, but obviously I can't get them all!! ... What should I do? I'm worried she's going to INJURE herself. She's already done it once, that gash above her eye!! Nothing else but herself could have done that to her. And if she keeps it up, who knows what might end up happening to her!

    You are right though. The only reason I feel I need to clean her is for her HEALTH, and the only places I would do it would be at/in/on the various cuts and other "wounds." I SERIOUSLY saw a bee trying to get into this large sort of cut she has on her back! It looked like it had STUNG it and was trying to get out - ub it was a Wasp, not like a bumblebee...? I dunno... I'm so confused... ><UU

    Thank you so much for your help! I PROMISE I'll take pictures of her tomorrow! I'll focus on her odd spots and that.

    One more thing before I submit this. Um... should I start putting her on a lead and like, leading her around the pasture when she's done eating? She's getting a hay belly. And I know it's because I don't exercise her and feed her too much hay ^^U but she just doesn't stop EATING and I feel SO bad When she sits there and goes the whole day without food! Then, when we come down she jumps up and down and whinnies and gets SO excited! Ugh T_T I don't knowww...

    One more: On the bag of grain, it tells you how many cups to give your horse according to their weight. But is that based on a horse who is exercised and ridden often, who gets at least some degree of exercise? Because my mom seems to believe that it doesn't matter, so she's over here giving her SIX cups of grain (I think both morning AND night..). If you give me answers you may help from overfeeding a horse >->UUU
        09-18-2008, 11:30 AM
    She was a wild horse and wild horses eat when they can and drink whenever, whatever is available. I suggest you go to the library and look for and/or request some Monty Roberts books. (shy boy is a good book. Its more of a story but it has insights to mustang behavior)

    I would say that you are over feeding her. Free choice good hay and a supplement block would be what I would use with feed in the evenings for being around her and getting her used to you and general "gentling" of the horse.

    You need to be less concerned with the bath and more concerned with getting her used to touching. ALL OVER. I have had my horses for a year and they have had 1 bath and I'll tell you right now that they are well halter broke and have been handled since birth.....They did NOT appreciate the bath and both of them rolled in the dirt as soon as it was over.

    I would suggest you work on leading her and being her leader. Being a mare she is likely to challange your leadership and it's important to achieve a strong bond with her. Again, I suggest reading everything you can get your hands on by Monty Roberts.

    She will need farrier work before a bath. You need to be able to consistantly handle her feet and be able to hold her on a lead while the farrier does their work. I wouldn't suggest shoes. I would go barefoot for now. I say this because there wouldn't be the banging on the bottom of her feet with nailing on the shoes and well, you aren't riding her so no need for shoes anyways. ( I keep my horses barefoot so I am biased here)

    Spitting the grain on your head.. Sorry...that's hilarious. She may have gotten a whif of your shampoo or hairspray and she thought it was a funny smell. I'd chalk that one up to bad timing for the both of you.

    Tin roof- she'll get over it. She has to get used to our human world and she will eventually appreciate the shelter even if it is noisy. Most of the horses stand out in the rain anyways. Let it be free choice.

    I would not lock her in a stall nor blanket her as long as she is healthy. I don't care for blanketing horses because it tricks their system into not producing a good winter coat. I don't show so I just enjoy the winter fuzzies and let the horse be as natural as possible.

    As far as cleaning her "scratches" and "ouchies". Once you are able to rub her all over, including her legs. I would introduce a dry wash cloth and rub her all over with that. Let her know that it's nothing to worry about. It might take 1 time it might take 40. Then you can see about wetting it and rubbing with a damp cloth.

    IMO horses have a cycle to their learning <bad, better, good, worse,better, acceptance.> Its like when you introduce something new the will sometimes seem to accept it right off but the next tiem you try they act like its going to kill them. Its the cycle. THe next time it might be OK or they may challange you again. Horses learn from repetition and consistancy. You have an uphill battle and I applaude you for trying so hard.

    SO in short. I would work on 1) rubbing her all over 2) getting the old halter off and teaching her how to accept a new halter. 3) getting her to learn how to be lead with manners. Then on to legs and farrier.

    Work in small steps. You don't want to overload her or yourself. When working with horses you need to have a clear game plan so you can follow it and keep the horse on track.
        09-19-2008, 10:14 AM
    Gratz!!!!! What a great story. Sounds like you are very good and kind owner. Your girl is very lucky. You two will have an extremely tight bond!! I just wanted to add....i would go ahead and start working with her on being haltered before I took the old one off! Unless of course its a medical issue. We don't know what the people who had her before you did to get that halter on!! It may wind up being a big issue with her if they were mean to her. Also, I don't think its a big deal for a horse to roll around in the dirt (at least I hope not anyway). My horse, Major, loves to be sprayed with a water hose...but I think its so that when he rolls around in the dirt...more dirt sticks to him I think he's got some piggy in him :P Anyway, gl with your horse, sounds like your doing a great job!! Keep us posted!!
        09-19-2008, 03:37 PM
    I haven't had time to read everything in your last post or the reply you just got -- just too long for me , but I can tell you this much right now:

    Unless your horse gets sick, you don't need a blanket. Almost freezing is nothing for a horse. My guys go through -20C regularly (prob about 10 degress below in your language) and -40 frequently. They adapt.

    Her shelter, if available to her 24/7 is fine. She will wander in and out as she needs to. The big thing is that she can get out of the wind and rain. Sounds like she can.

    The tin roof - she'll learn. No biggy.

    Washing -- if you don't have warm water, don't do it. Just keep brushing. The dirt WILL come off. As for the new dirt all the time - that's normal. You shoudl see my girls! And the one has decided that she only needs to roll on one side so she looks really clean from the right and filthy from the left! Rolling and lying in poop is fine. They'll do that. Esp. In the winter. If you can see that her coat is getting thicker and shinier, she can't be THAT bad. Please try to send a pic - I'm really curious now!

    Rock stuck in her leg? -- ah, if there was no bleeding, no swelling, etc. it was just an anomaly. Horses get cuts and scrapes. That's why it's important to groom them. They don't NEED to be pretty and clean, but it's the best way to keep track of injuries and determine what, if anything, needs to be done.

    Training? Ya, if you think she is ready for it, ground work is an important step. But how is that going to work when you have halter troubles? Deal with the halter first. Get her used to have it taken off and put back on. Feeding time is a great opportunity for that.

    Hay belly? Not likely -- its from all that grain. Way too much if she's in good health. And what kind of grain? One of my girls gets about 2 cups of 12% pellets; the other one gets about 8 cups, but she's growing. Free choice hay is usually a good idea, so I'd cut down on the supplementary feeding. You can't go by what it says on the bag. Trial and error, elimination, advise and vet care are your answers for that.

    I don't know what else I didn't cover. Post again if I missed stuff. Gotta go -- I'm on lunch!
        09-19-2008, 07:09 PM
    Alright, I'll bring a rag down and rub it all over her. Get her used to it. I've already been able to brush her a little bit. I have a hard time brushing her mane though Dx it's so knotted and such... I was thinking about cutting it. About halfway down her neck, there's this spot in her mane that's totally just gone, it looks like it's been cut! I think she rubs up against the fence posts and the fence itself and rips off her hair ^^UUU Because I find it stuck everywhere. But that's normaly, horses scratch themselves. _-_;; I just find it odd that she's missing so much right in the middle of her mane.

    I can pretty much touch her everywhere, by the way. I haven't yet tried to lift her feet, I'm afraid she'll get upset and kick at me, and obviously that's the last thing we need. But at the same time, she doesn't have any issues with me actually TOUCHING her legs, so. I haven't tried her tail yet, I don't want to upset her... I have scratched a little on either side of her tail though, and she's had no problem with it. Underneath her stomach, Under her neck, her "chest" area, in between her legs.. Yeah, she's pretty comfortable so far.

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