teach a yearling to stand still

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teach a yearling to stand still

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    09-25-2012, 07:44 PM
teach a yearling to stand still

Looking for opinons on teaching a yearling to stand still when working with him. Like Brushing introducing blankets ect. Trying to do things with out him being tied or having a lead line on.
Or is tying the answer???
He is very friendly and just wants to face me all time or wants me to scratch his butt. LOL.
Looking for some ideas.
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    09-25-2012, 07:50 PM
A year is a good time for a horse to learn how to tie, with quick release. I'd use the method of running the line through a ring so you can add and relieve pressure to teach them to stand tied.

As for teaching him to stand untied...
1 year they have really short attention spans, it's not impossible- but you need patients. The way I do it is draw a box around my horse in the footing, assuming your in an arena, otherwise you'll just need to imagine it. Stand in front of the horse and look squarely at their feet, imagine their feet like cinder blocks and say "Stand" firmly. Stay still for just a moment, if they move just place them back in their spot, if they move alot - like walk away completely - make them yield a few diferent parts then place them back in their box and stand again. Repeat this until you can back away, then again until you can circle them without concern. If they move simply replace them and say "stand". It takes patients, good luck! Remember with babies to do frequent, short lessons, 5-10 minutes a couple times a day if you can.

Good luck, welcome to the forum! We love pics, specially babies :3
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    09-25-2012, 07:58 PM
Hmmmm I've done this with older horses....might work for him
Put him in a pen, round, square, whatever....
Put a longe line on him and let him move out however....hold onto him, ask him to move out if you have to,
Timing is imperative....
Position your body where you are (not in front of him) but ahead of his shoulder with him out on the circle and raise your hand at eye level to him and say 'stand'......if he stops and stays where he stopped great, DROP the line and walk over to him and reward him.....don't say whoa, say stand.
Continue doing this until he stands there EVERYTIME you ask....remember hand up at eye level (not in his face though) .....soon enough he will be standing for you.....if he moves off just do it again and again until he figures you out.....then you can progress to actually having him stand while you throw stuff at him (I bounced a bucket right off a 4yr olds rump from a ways away once and he just stood there.....the horse was 17hh, it didnt hurt....it bounced!) I don't recommend throwing buckets ( I was super testing a horse) but each time he moves, give him the command again and try again....it does work.....I had a horse out in pasture that was trained this way and one day I was snapping the lead rope on him and he spooked at the sound of the snap and ran....I put my hand up and said stand......and he did in mid flight. Good luck

(haha as for the buckets.....well you never know when buckets are going to start blowing across the yard at your horse!)
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    09-25-2012, 08:03 PM
Punkstank- He does stand tied and leads.
I love your ideas, I will try that.
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