teaching a horse to lay down on cue

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teaching a horse to lay down on cue

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    01-05-2012, 03:41 AM
teaching a horse to lay down on cue

Ok, I know I will probably get alot of nay sayers on this post but I have decided this is something Im going to attempt. I ride a 16.2 hand walker mare and have discovered that once off her back getting back on is a time consuming search for a log to climb on or a ditch to stand her in. Parking her out for mounting seems like a good answer but Im heavy and I don't like the idea of wrenching her back.The idea came to me one day while resting under a shade tree and she decided to plop her plump butt down so she could grab some of the grass that I was denying her. Once she was down I asked her to stand back up and she popped right up no problem, so then I thought... wow, how cool would that have been for mounting? I need to know how anyone has trained their horse to do this on cue, are there any bad effects of doing this?For example her deciding to plop down while moving down the trail? Where would be the best location on her body to teach her the cue to lay down? I attempted to teach her by luring her head down between her legs with a scoop of feed, but all that managed to do was cause the poor girl to do the horsey equivalent to a head stand. Any info, suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    01-05-2012, 03:45 AM
Green Broke
So, you want the horse to lie down so you can mount o.0

Sounds like a bizzare thing to me, and not something I would reccomend. If the horse gets up you're going to effect the balance.

Why not invest in one of those things you can put in your pocket, attach to your stirrup and you put your foot in that to mount.

Or do more flexing excercises yourself to help yourself get up?
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    01-05-2012, 04:15 AM
Super Moderator
Well, it can be taught - I've done it with my horse a couple of times for fun - but I wouldn't suggest doing it if you're, as you put it yourself, heavy. It can really affect his balance.

About lying dow - when you teach this, you have to be sure your horse respects you enough not to start rolling, because otherwise you can get into serious injuries, if he starts rolling when you attemtp to mount him from ground. Also, the horse has to trust his human very much to be willing to lie down for him. As I did it - first, I taught him to lower his head ground level and not to pull it up again. Then, I started tapping the ground in front of his forelegs, until he started pawing ground and eventually lied down, however, if he tried to ignore the tapping and step forwards, I cued him to take a step back, then continued tapping the ground (rythmically) and, if necessary, gave a tap on his forelegs, under the knee, to encourage him to paw the ground. Keeping his head low and pawing the ground made him think of lying down, so eventually he thought of that by himself and now I just have to tap the ground a couple of times and he gets down.

But really think twice before trying to mount him from lying position.
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    01-05-2012, 07:22 AM
My paint horse, when I was a kid, could do all sorts of tricks. Laying down did have advantages when riding bareback and needing to remount! It's not something I would do every time to mount, though.
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    01-06-2012, 11:53 PM

Thank you to all who replied. I will try the technique recommended and see how it goes, maybe tomorrow if it warms up a little bit.
As I mentioned in my first post, she has already laid down with me and was easily able to stand back up no problems, so I feel the balance issue shouldn't be too bad. I plan on using the lay down que when necessary only.When leaving the barn or trailer for the trail I have a mounting block I use. The idea was to use this when nothing is available for easy mounting. She is a 16.2 hand mare and easily carries me anywhere I ask her and enjoys being ridden, so I think this could actually make our trail experience even better.
I like the tap training idea because I feel it will be much better and less scary than the rope technique I have had recommended.I have seen the rope technique used alot on youtube and to me it looks dangerous and scary. Im so glad to have an alternative way to train as I knew the rope thing wasnt my cup of tea. Thank you again and if anyone has any more suggestions please chime in.

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