Teaching Horse To Move Forward

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Teaching Horse To Move Forward

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    06-12-2008, 08:37 PM
Teaching Horse To Move Forward

The people I board my horse with just bought two buckskin pain mares. They are three and four but the four year old cut open her leg, so I've only been working with the three year old.
I've worked with her on the ground alot, and she lunges nice and the first time I put the saddle on her she only bucked a bit. Today I got up on her, and she was kind of hesitant and hopped up on her hidelegs a bit but nothing dramatic. My question is I have trouble moving her forward. She just kind of wants to stand. I have been starting with pressure with my lower legs, then squeezing harder, then tapping her a bit until she moves forward, then when she does I've let her stop and relax after she goes for a bit. She was fine the first couple times, but then she just kind of decided she didnt want to move at all...any suggestions? I've only been working her about a half hour at a time, and only rode for maybe 15 minutes absolute tops. I also made sure to end on a good note where she walked forawrd for me. I just wanted to know if any of you had any suggestions on how to encourage her to move forward and not just hold her ground

Thanks in advance.
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    06-12-2008, 08:41 PM
A lot of young horses do that, they get confused and although it may seem they they're resistent, it take them a little while to realise what leg pressure means.
Have someone lunge you or lead you, and them direct the horse, when they ask the horse to move forwards off the ground, apply leg pressure, so they associate the pressure with moving forwards.
Use lots of voice, be constantly talking to the horse.
Remember not to rush things, patience is a vertue.
    06-12-2008, 08:49 PM
Yeah, that's what I was doing with her today. My only problem was that these horses were bought for very young/inexperianced riders. The horse Im talking about it for a 12 year old girl (I don't know why, I didnt pick the horse, I'm just helping the owners out.) So she's the only one I could really have help me lunge and she's not really confident asking the horse to move on the ground. I've tried to explain to her how to lunge (using my own horse) but it's kind of difficult to try and teach her and a horse at the same time. I was thinking about having her ride my horse, and then following on Roo, the paint mare. But then I was thinking that may just cause her to follow my gelding and not really teach her much. I've started young horses before, but usually I have more of a time teaching them to stop rather than go. =P

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