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        07-23-2007, 11:20 AM
    Wow, I'd be very angry if that had happened. I can't deal with people doing things to my horses when not asked. It drives me crazy. There are instances when I think its ok, but usually not. For example, one time my trainers little black filly had its blanket twisted nearly off. The front end was buckled right, but the rest of the blanket was twisted underneath her legs. I felt she might hurt herself so I went in the stall and fixed it. Unless the horse is in danger I don't think people should ever go in other people's stalls without permission. I think petting through the bars or something is fine, if that's all they're doing. If the horse bites and it rips their fingers off, its the fault of the person sticking their fingers in, not the owner. All stables have that "you are on horse grounds and therefore realize you can get injured, we are not responsible for injuries incurred" signs in my state. Its some law that states as long as you have the sign with the gov. Code on it, then you aren't liable.

    Why didn't the lady try to wash the stinky stuff out of its mane instead of cutting it? Is she insane? Lol.
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        07-23-2007, 12:06 PM
    My horse is not very tolerant to other people if she doesn' like what they are doing. Lol! So cutting the mane was way easier and faster than washing the mane when she could end up getting kicked or stepped on.

    I agree that doing something to someone horse without asking is rather nasty. BTW, my horses were/are 24/7 outside, so someone getting to the stall was not a problem. :)
        07-23-2007, 01:57 PM
    I think I just gave birth to a cow...

    Yanking on a horses mouth does nothing, gets nothing done, and teaches nothings. I've never seen a real horse trainer, or a well trained rider, be hard on a horses mouth in order to teach it something, much less scream at it, because screaming cures all woes. That's just totally insane.

    Now, a horse with a hard mouth may need a heavier hand, but there are ways to turn a hard mouth back into a soft one (usually). But a strong hand and yanking are two different things.

    I would have dragged that lady off my horse, personally, but then, I have a not so nice temper.

    I can't stand "trainers". They drive me crazy. Which is probably why I've been so wary of using trainers and some training methods. My friend had an experience with a trainer who would stand in the middle of the arena and crack a whip while she was riding her horse. Her mare (who was very spooky) ended up with a freakish fear of one part of the arena because that's where the whip would usually get her. To me, that's just dangerous.

    And throwing rocks and balls at horses is different too. A rock could do some serious damage, so could a ball, but they don't have sharp edges, and they also have some give.

    Ahhh. Some people just shouldn't be allowed to go anywhere near horses. I'm so sorry for all your guys' bad experiences.
        07-23-2007, 04:26 PM
    I trained my fearful horse not to be afraid of whip, sticks, ropes. She's not stupid at all so now using whip or rope doesn't help much to move her while lunging as she just stand still. I tried to follow people's suggestions yesterday to tap on shoulder so --eventually she will move--. Yeh, right! I did tap for good 10 mins on shoulder, then tap on butt (pretty strong), and she was just quietly standing there with no attempt at all to move. Now I have to figure out how to move her around. Lol!
        07-23-2007, 11:44 PM
    Serious Total Shock
        07-25-2007, 01:47 PM
    I can't stand people like that! I'm sorry that happened...but now you know that you should really talk to the trainer and check them out before hiring them :) .
    I'm glad that my trainer is sooo awesome lol I love her

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