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Training for Shows next year...

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        10-06-2008, 05:07 PM
    Training for Shows next year...

    Okay. As some of you know I have a quarter horse that was western then me and my instructor trained him to fo english and then he went back to western but could still do english and now he is an all around horse... I want to start showing next year starting in february if I have a trailer by then.. I will be doing all in western including western pleasure,walk/trot and/or canter classes, and trail. Maybe poles or something for fun.. but then I will also focus on english. I will be doing english pleasure and eventing(dressage/showjumping/cross-country).. I don't have an arena. But I now have a paddock to ride in but it is hilly until he is switched over into this other paddock which is flat. I have not arena though. The trail classes I think I wont have a problem with because nothing spooks or bothers duke.. he 17 years old but can jump like a dream! I will mainly focus on jumping and dressage as those are the main obstacles I will have... all of my question.. :)

    1. What all can I use to make jump?
    the things can think of is.. pvc pipes(?i think that is what it is), buckets, and maybe I can make some homemade standard... but I am not sure how to make cross country jumps. As in the water jumps, the things that are elevated off the ground and it is like a step, or the very wide jumps like little houses...
    2. What exactly is somethings done in dressage?
    a. What is collection all about
    b.what is free walk
    c. What is rein-back
    d. How can I teach duek to back up,half pass,and do collection
    3.i know how to teach a horse to jump but I am no sure how to teach a horse all the movements he must know for dressage.. he is somewat in shape and is getting slimmer and more athletic....

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        10-06-2008, 06:54 PM
    I would suggest getting a dressage trainer in and he/she could help you with the dressage basics and help you move up to more experienced things. It would also give you instant feedback :)

    As for the cross country jumps, I'm not sure what to tell you. Are there any stables around that have a cross country cross that you could take him around? Other than that, I'm not sure how to go about building all that stuff.
        10-06-2008, 11:56 PM
    Green Broke
    Good for you for trying out new things! The good news about starting off in dressage is that the beginning tests are pretty simple. The main things the judges will be looking for are nice smooth transitions, quality forward gaits, nicely shaped circles, straight lines, etc. In fact, they don't even introduce cantering until training level. I'd start off by learning to orient yourself around a dressage arena. Find a diagram of an arena (with measurements if you can) and all of the letters. Then spend a day out in your paddock and mark off where each of the letters go. (you can get something like cement blocks and just spray paint the letters on) It's important to be familiar with them because the test will be like, circle at E, etc. Then I'd look up some tests and just try riding some of them! (I believe there are copies off the USDF website) Things like half pass and collection come soooo much farther down the line I wouldn't even worry that much about that yet. And when that time comes, I would highly suggest a competent trainer for that! In a normal walk you will have contact through the rein and your horse will be on the bit. In a free walk you loosen your reins so your horse can lower his head and stretch out his neck and back. His walk will continue to be forward and not change pace. They do start asking for that early on and your horse must know how to go nicely on the bit before he can learn to free walk.

    For making jumps you can use just about anything to start off with. PVC pipes can work but I don't like them because they crack easier then wood (and are too light in my opinion). Or you can go to Lowe's and buy landscaping timbers or use railroad ties. Once your horse is jumping confidently you can call around and see if any cross country barns will let you bring your horse out and ride him in their field. Usually they will charge a haul in fee of around $20-30. I'd also take your horse to shows just to school over new jumps. All of the schooling shows around here are on Saturdays, but people haul in on Fridays to school. Lots of places won't charge a haul in fee for that!

    Hope that gives you at least an idea of a place to start! Keep us updated!
        10-07-2008, 02:15 PM
    Thanks for the reply and actually at a last horse show I went to yesterday, you have to be able to have collection in the lower classes also.. I mean you don't have to but you are judged on that. Any other people know of any ideas

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