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Training Tennille Updated Logs + intro info!

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    03-21-2011, 11:01 AM
Smile Training Tennille Updated Logs + intro info!


Tennille is a six year old registered, chestnut with white markings, paint mare whose registered name is Prairie Sands. The Hall farm got Tennille when she was just over three years old. She at that point had started training under saddle and was a confident ground worker. Over the next three years however she picked up some bad habits. For instance, she is now cribbing, also kicking people who get to close to the other horses in the pasture. Why you might ask. She is herd bound. So three years later, I have a free lease on Tennille for over the next six months. I plan to board her at Dreamcatcher Farm in Templeton, which has an indoor arena, two outside ones, and a round pen. I think that the environment will be good for her. Each turnout is for a single horse, and each day she will be worked with. So it will help out tremendously. So join me and Tennille through the ups and downs, through thick in thin, through the good and the bad. Join us on this journey to the promising unknown.
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    03-21-2011, 11:02 AM
Day 1

Day 1 – March 12, 2011

Today I started off by grooming Tennille. Tennille has the very good ground manors. She respects your space, listens to the lead, and will stand there for you with out being cross-tied when you groom her. It’s when you saddle her that it starts to get interesting, but that’s for another day.
After I groomed her and scratched her itchy spots I went outside and lunged her. I made her walk and trot both directions and she spooked once, though I am not sure that she spooked over anything but to get out of the work. I gave her a little “eh, knock it off” and she was fine after that.
Next I brought her back into the barn and again she stood there for me, but I decided to cross tie her just incase she decided to run off when I got the saddle out. Luckily I did cross-tie her because as soon as I picked up the saddle pad she started to move away. I told her in a firm voice to stand and she stood there. I talked to her softly as I brought the pad over and gently placed it on her back. I gave her a treat, rubbed her forehead and told her how she was good girl. Next I grabbed the western saddle; I brought it over to her, let her smell and examine it, and then slid it on her. She didn’t move away this time as I gently placed it on her back, though I could tell she was anxious. Now I grabbed the girth, this is where Shelly, the owner, had trouble with her. Shelly is scared of horses and it doesn’t help that Tennille is a six year old untrained baby. Once I had it on one side I moved to her other side to tighten it. First though I pushed her over to middle of the isle. Once she was there I grabbed slowly while talking to her the girth. I could tell she was uneasy. I didn’t even tighten the girth, all I did was loop it and gave her another treat. I wanted to reward her for standing there and letting me grab it with out her rearing or biting. The reason I say that is because she reared up on Shelly when she tightened the girth one time. I personally think that it was because she was startled and because it pinched her, but who knows other than Tennille. I let her stand there for a minute to relax and once she was calm and sticking her tongue out I then un-tacked her. Then I gave her once last treat and let her out.
Overall today was a good day. She didn’t rear, didn’t bite, and hardly gave me any problems. I hope that everyday gets better and better with time. I have a good feeling about Tennille. She is a great horse, she just needs a job.
    03-21-2011, 11:02 AM
Day 2

Day 2 –March 13, 2011

Today I started off by grooming her. I started with her main and tail, worked my way across her body, to her hooves. She was good; again she has excellent ground manors.
Next I grabbed the saddle pad. She instantly got nervous and worked her way to the side of the isle to back herself against the wall. I told her to stand, and then talked to her softly telling her its okay. I brought over the saddle pad and placed it on her back. I gave her a treat for, and then grabbed the saddle. Once the saddle was on with a little coaxing and telling her to relax I gave her a treat. Next I grabbed the girth. I put it on one side then went around to the other. I pushed her back into the middle of the isle and slowly grabbed the girth. As I tightened it I was telling her what a good girl she was. She put her ears back but didn’t do anything but look mad. So once it was tight I gave her a treat and patted her on the forehead telling how much of a good girl she was.
Today I decided to make her work a little bit. I lunged her with the saddle on but no bridle. She did well for not being used in a little under a year. I don’t like using a whip but I brought it just incase she didn’t listen to me. Luckily I did because she didn’t listen until I had it out and behind her. She did good though, after all it was the first time she had been worked in ages.
Overall it was a very productive day. She did well for not being worked in so long and I feel as though she is going to progress very nicely. She is a very smart horse and loves the attention.
    03-21-2011, 11:03 AM
Day 3

Day 3 – March 14, 2011

First like always, I started off by grooming her. She loves it so much. She stands perfectly still and even sticks her tongue out when she’s happy. Yes people she’s like a dog, sticken’ her tongue out, just thrilled to be worked with for once. I feel as though having a routine is a good idea. Always starting off with grooming should make things easier and it’s like a positive thing to do. It will make her want to come in the barn.
Next I began to tack her up. She yielded away from the saddle pad like always but I talked to her softly and gave her a treat once it was on. Next I placed the saddle gently on her back being extra careful to not slam it down. That can scar a horse to make then never allow a saddle on their back and it can also hurt their back so I make sure to be soft every time. Once I had the saddle on I tightened the girth again. I again had to move her away from the wall before hand but other then that she gave me no problems.
After she was all tacked up I led her out side. I tightened the girth once again and she started to dance around me and try to walk away, but I held her still and told her to stand in a firm voice. She listened till I tried to tighten it again. I repeated my firm “stand” and held her still. I finally, after a couple tries got her to stand still for me to tighten the girth. Next I eased my way into the saddle, making sure not to plop down on her back so she wouldn’t get spooked or hurt. Once I was in the saddle she started to walk off. I told her to whoa and she listened then I told her to back up. That way she knows it’s not okay to just walk off. We just rode around in the big turn around part of the driveway. She gave me some problems but not much. She bucked once when she had stopped and I told her to walk on and clucked/squeezed. I then walked her down the drive way down the big hill and up again twice so it would work out her legs. She kept trying to trot but I wouldn’t let her, I made her walk and sat heavy in the saddle leaning back a bit to make her feel that she needed to walk. Once I felt as though she was done, I led her back to in front of the barn and told her to “whoa.” She did instantly and let me climb down. I led her back into the barn and un-tacked her. We were done for the day.
Overall the day was very good. She gave me minimal problems and for that I thanked her by giving her a treat and a scratch on the itch spots.
    03-21-2011, 11:03 AM
Day 4

Day 4 – March 15, 2011

Like always I started off by grooming her up and down. Working my way along her whole body, making sure to scratch the itchy spots and tell her how good she was being.
Next I clipped her to the cross ties just incase, like normal. I grabbed the saddle pad and talked to her softly and slid it on. She again moved away from me but I still put it on her. I think from now on I should move her back into the middle of the isle and then put it on so that way she knows she has to stand still. I grabbed the saddle next and put it on her; she was fine until I tried to tighten the girth. She tried to bite me and I punched her and said “no” in a firm voice. I don’t like to hit my horses, but biting it inexcusable. I didn’t punch her hard so don’t thin that I am abusing her but you don’t let a horse do that, especially because she is four times bigger than you. You have to show what’s right and what’s wrong somehow, and in that case hitting her was the solution. After that was over, I grabbed the bit. She was really good about the bit, didn’t raise her head and didn’t try to get out of it. I was glad that she was taking it so good.
When she was all tacked up and ready to go I led her outside. She wouldn’t stand still for me to get on her so I kept making her do tight circles. Finally she stood still long enough for me to hop on he, though as I was climbing on she started to trot away. I took hold of the reins and gently pulled back and said “whoa.” She stopped fainlly after a little bit of convincing and a little hard pull and stopped. I leaned back in the saddle and made her back up a couple steps. Next I started to ride her down the road. She wanted to trot so I let her. She suddenly stopped half way down the hill and I clucked her on, squeezed, and told her to walk. She pulled back her ears and dint like the fact that I was doing it. But I didn’t care I made her walk anyways. I rode her all the way down the road to the second field on Hall rd. When we went into the field she started to trot and I let her, then she started to canter, well she tried to buck me off at a canter. I yelled no and said “knock it off Tennille”” she finally stopped and I stared to make her to tight circles. After about five tight circles I told her to walk on. She was now relatively calm until she saw the log u0p ahead. She spooked and tried to run the other way but I hoped off and let her to the log. I sat down and started talking to Tennille telling her it was just a log and that it would be okay.
Then I had to get back on. I tried to get back up but she wouldn’t stand still again. So I did tight circles until she would stand still. Well again once I was up she tried to take off again but I made her do circles once again. Once I felt she was calmer then normal I let her walk on and head home. Well she kept trying to trot and I kept making her do small circles. When we go onto the dirt part of the road I let her go. She ended up cantering half way home until I said that’s enough. She was out of breath. So she cooperated. With me and walked the rest of the way h9ome. When we got in front of the barn I told her to whoa and she listened. So I hopped off and instantaneously undid her girth a little bit and gave her a reward of a treat.
Overall today was an okay day; it could be a lot better. Then again she is still training and for only the fourth day of working with her she is doing considerably well. I plan on trying to lunge her before riding, that way she is calmer. Also I want to try to do ground polls as soon as she lets me be the boss up there, that’s after a lot of work that I can do that. Lastly I plan on ground-penning her in the near future.

    03-21-2011, 11:04 AM
Day 5

Day 5 - March 16, 2011

I started off by brushing Tennille like the normal routine. She like always was good. She stood still for me the whole time and didn’t even have to cross-tie her at all. Not until I saddled her anyways.
Tennille moved away from me but I didn’t let her did it for long because I snapped the lead rope and said no in a firm voice. She by then was backed up on the side wall and had nowhere else to go other then in the middle of the isle. I placed the blanket on her after that. I then moved her back into the middle of the isle and placed the saddle on her but by then she had pushed herself against the wall again. Shelly, the owner, suggested that the saddle didn’t fit her right and I agree. So I tried using a different more wide saddle which seemed to fit her better. Next I put the bit in her mouth with no problems what so ever.
After she was all tacked up I decided to lunge her. I lunged her for about a full ten minutes at a full trot. Which by the way was not my choice, she was the one deciding to trot around I kept telling her to walk and to whoa. I didn’t stop her until she wanted to be stopped; I did this because it would tire her out and realize I wasn’t making her do that. Once she was walking for a couple minutes I let her come into the middle of the circle. I patted her and gave her a treat and told her good girl.
Trying to get on her she kept trying to walk away before I was on but I didn’t have that. I kept turning her in a tight circle until she stood still for me to on her. Though when I finally climbed up she started to walk away so I said whoa in a firm voice and made her back up,. I just rode around in the drive way today but she was really good. She spooked once but I told her flat out to knock it off because she did it on purpose. I know this because she would make people get off after she spooked before I started to ride her, but I didn’t let her get away with it. After I talked to her and told her to stop she did very good. She was calm and her ear where listening to me not constantly forward.
Overall she did well today. I can't wait to ride her tomorrow. Some good advice my father gave me today was to “not let it get to your head, because it will be a roller coaster.”
    03-21-2011, 11:04 AM
Day 6

Day 6 – March 17, 2011

Today I decided to round-pen her and she did okay. We did it for about thirty minutes./ She was very consistent in not listening and obeying me, but I didn’t let her get away with it. I made her switch derections almost every half circle and made her canter over and over again. By the time we were done I was exhausted and so wasn’t she. She was dripping sweat and so wasn’t I. By the end though I had her “chewing” or “licking” he mouth, which in case you don’t know what that means, it means that she finally gave in and let me be the boss.
    03-21-2011, 11:05 AM
day 7

Day 7 – March 18, 2011

Toady I groomed her like always and like always she was good. Next I tacked her up. I bought her a new breast collar and bridle to match the black leather saddle I was given when I leased her. She was very patient with me today. So while I was tacking her up I was also punching new hole sin the tack so it fit her right,. She stood there perfectly still for me, I even sat on the ground haha. She moved away from me when I was doing the girth but she always does. She’ll have to get over it.
She was very uptight today, and high-strung. She didn’t want to cooperate at all and was rearing up a bit and bucking a little bit,. She also would stand there and not want to move so I would sit there clucking and telling her to walk on. When squeezing didn’t work I start to kick her. Not hard but just enough so she would get annoy3ed form it and walk forward. She was very… I don’t want to use the word bad because a horse is never bad,, but she was very “bad” in a sense. She was doing so well but like my dad said “it’s a roller coaster.” Also when she would rear or buck I would her do tight circles .l She also tried to bite my foot today so I kicked her in the mouth every time. I know that sounds rough but really it isn’t. There is no other way to get her to stop that habit. Plus I wasn’t doing it hard just enough to get her to stop. Just enough to let her know that biting is NOT acceptable.
Overall the day could have been a lot better, but again it’s a roller coaster. I think that that’s going to be my motto for training Tennille. She is a great horse; she just needs someone patient enough to work with her. I plan on being that person, though thick in thin, through up and downs, though everything and nothing at the same time. I am going to be that one to train her.
    03-21-2011, 11:05 AM
Day 8

Day 8 – March 20, 2011

I let Tennille have a couple days rest in between that way she doesn’t get too tired. But now its back to business. I started Tennille off by brushing her like normal. She enjoys it very much I know that because she always has her tongue out like a dog. She was good for me again today.
Next I tacked her up and she again moved away from me so she was against the wall. I knew that I had to break that habit of her doing it so I moved her back into the middle of the isle. I had to keep moving her back until finally she stood in the middle of the isle and allowed me to put the pad on her. When I got the saddle she again moved away from me but I again moved her back. She did it again and I moved her back again, and again and again. Finally she stood there long enough for me to put the saddle on her, while I was putting it on she moved away again but I still got it on. Then I tightened the girth after moving her back into place. She did really well with it, she tried to move away once but I told her to “stand” in a firm voice and she listened. When I was tightening the girth she didn’t try and bite, kick, or rear. I was very please with her, she even had her ears facing forward while doing it.
After she was all tacked up I led her outside. She started to dance but I didn’t let her do it for long. I told her to stand, knock it off and she listened, though she started right back up again when I had to tighten the girth. I knew that if I made her do tight circles she would eventually stand for me so that’s what I did. I think next time I am going to tighten the girth inside the barn, that way she can’t go anywhere and wont move.
Once the girth was tightened I was about to get on her but she moved when I had my foot in the stirrup. So I made her do tight circles again, and again. She finally stood still for me to get on her. She even stood still once I was on her, and didn’t move until I told her “good girl.” She most likely thought I was telling her to walk on, even though she moved when I said good girl and not walk on I praised her for standing there like she should. I only rode for about five to eight minutes today. I wanted to leave it on a good positive note. She did very well and walked wherever I wanted her to and didn’t put up much of a fight. So I ended it before she started to get antsy and pissy.
Overall the day was very good. She did well, and it makes me excited for the future to come. I hope that she does this well tomorrow.
    03-22-2011, 12:09 PM
Day 9 - March 21, 2011

Today I let her rest again. She did so well yesterday that I decided to give her a much needed break. I will ride again today and update it today! So Let me know what you think! :)

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