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        02-10-2010, 12:52 PM
    If you're riding her then get her good and tired so she wants to stand then maybe let her eat a little grain out of a bucket while she's standing there. BEFORE she gets really bothered untie her and do something else. Then you can tie her up again untill she gets bothered. Eventually you can leave her tied up as long as you want. I have seen the blocker tie ring used and I like it alot. It doesn't teach a horse that it can get away it teachs them not to panic if something bothers them.
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        02-10-2010, 03:00 PM
    I would work on teaching her to release to the pressure the halter puts on her poll. I would put downward pressure on the lead, as soon as she drops her head even slightly, release and reward. Continue until you can get her to drop her head to the ground. If at any point her head goes up when you apply pressure, keep the pressure the same and release as soon as her head starts to go down.

    Then I would add distractions. Ask her to put her head down and do something little to cause her to raise her head. Let her bump into the pressure and maintain it until she brings the head down. Release and praise. Continue until you can give her a 'scare' and she will hit the pressure and release to it every time.

    Walk her around and ask her to keep her head low. I like to hold the rope short and then grab my pocket or belt loop. You have now tied her to a mobile post. Every time she raises her head and meets the pressure she should release to it.

    I like to loop the rope without securing it with a newbie tie student and always tie them higher then their poll. If the horse is tied low they can use their entire body. If the horse gets upset I will first ask them to give at the trailer. If they do not respond and relax, we go work on the head down among other exercises and then come back to the hitch.

    A lot of the fear will go away as soon as the horse learns to give to the pressure. Then this exercise teaches them the hitch is a nice place to rest. I will never tie a spooky, nervous horse, fast. Once a horse learns they can break away when afraid, you have a lot of work on your hands as well as the potential for injury.

    There are other advanced exercises for tying a horse, but this is a good start and may be all she needs.
        02-10-2010, 03:36 PM
    Originally Posted by ReiningTrainer    
    There are other advanced exercises for tying a horse, but this is a good start and may be all she needs.
    Could you share them with us, please. :) I'd be really curious to hear those.
        02-10-2010, 07:03 PM
    It may not be as difficult as I was worried it would be.
    I had to tie her up today, but it turned out okay.
    She'll stand tied very nicely now if I'm standing next to her, so I did that, and progressively got further away and away for longer, going back to her each time she tried to follow, couldn't, and got upset.

    She still didn't like it when I walked away and left her tied: she would try (over and over) to walk away, but then go back to standing nicely when the rope tugged at her, and she would paw the ground sometimes...
    But, she didn't pull on the rope hard, and her panic level never got above some low-level nervousness... So, I think she did extremely well considering it's only the second time in her life she's been tied!

    Tomorrow I'll be working on ground manners anyway, so I think I'll add in what ReiningTrainer said, with lowering her head to teach her to give into downward pressure. If she learns that well, I won't have to worry as much about what would happen if she was startled while tied.

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