In way over my head :(

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In way over my head :(

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    03-11-2009, 03:58 PM
Unhappy In way over my head :(

So I guess you have to know the whole story to help so here it goes.
Almost 2 yr old Paint horse

Rescued, on accident? From an ex friend who obviously starved her. She is gaining weight nicely now.
She is not head or body or leg shy
She will follow you anywhere
When on a lead rop she will go in circles out of nowhere and LOVES IT

The issue, biting, pawing (which isn't that annoying to us), Kicking the fence, pushing/kicking the gate when ready to eat, Rushes the fence and pushes on it.

Biting: When we pinch her she stops but it will continue a little while after over and over.

Kicking: Is the worst she will stick her hooves in between the wood fence and kick back until she bleeds. She does this mid day normally after the food is gone(she has hay during this time and grass) She also kicks the fence when she wants to eat. Her getting hurt by this doesn't make her stop us telling her no getting a smack doesn't change it she will walk around you and do it on the other side. She does eventually stop but always continues it at some point.

Pawing: not so much an issue but she does it 24-7 seems to me most the time she eats right where she has pawed. But other times she paws when waiting to be fed.

She use to push her feed bucket onto the ground but since we have secured it she has stopped that behavior.

She was very pushy but since being pushed back I have yet to experience that again.

So when she acts up for dinner/breakfast time we walk away with the feed until she is ready to behave it normally doesn't take to long and stopped doing it for a few days at one time. Now this same horse that will be so stubborn will walk over to you while in a chair and lay her head on you. Hard to be mad at that...... We are stern with her but she doesn't get who is boss obviously. I am at a lost, I don't want to give her up of course. Help
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    03-11-2009, 04:24 PM
Well first of all she is adorable!! Such a cutie!

Biting: Stop pinching her. It's obviously not working, and rarely gets rid of the problem altogether. When she does bite back her up or drive her away. But keep your feet still! That will show her that you are alpha. The best thing to do is to figure out WHY she is sounds like she's dominant and is trying to play dominance games with you.

Kicking: If she was starved before this is probably a displaced bahvior brought on by anxiety. Smacking her won't help, you've just got to let her know that things are okay. If you do see her start to kick you can calmy but assertively drive her away and not let her back in until she is calm. It's up to you to instill a new pattern of behavior in her....feeding time is a time for calmness.

Pawing: It might go along with her anxiety, or it might be that she's just impatient. Whichever, drive her away from the fence like mentioned above.

Do you do much ground work with her?
    03-11-2009, 04:51 PM
LOL thanks she sure is and knows it too!! ;) Oh forgot to mention her name is Akasha (fifth element...seems funny now)

Biting Ok it worked with our other horse but yet they are totally different so I will definitely try that.

Kicking Ok, makes since when I had tried to shoo her off before she would push on but I doubt I was consistent on it so I will try that again.

Currently no we just got her home a little bit over a week ago. (in between a water heater falling through our joke yet still funny... and me just feeling over whelmed I didn't know where to start. I'm use to starting a young horse with no issues and got caught off guard with miss spunky here lol) Is there anything I deffinitly should start with first when I have a list I think I am able to get it straight otherwise my head gets all screwy and then here we are. LOL Thanks so much for your help!!!!
    03-11-2009, 05:23 PM
If she tries to push on when you try to shoo her away from the fence have a lead rope handy so you can use the soft end to twirl at her. Tap her if you have to, but only enough to make her leave.

Personally what I like to do with a horse for groundwork is Parelli. It's an excellent way to gain trust and respect at the same time. It sounds like she needs both, depending on the circumstance. One thing that you could do straight away is make sure she doesn't crowd your space. Insist that she maintain a distance unless you invite her in.

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