What happened to my safe bombproof horse?!

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What happened to my safe bombproof horse?!

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    04-07-2009, 10:23 PM
What happened to my safe bombproof horse?!

First a little bit of background.... I have had this horse for 3 years now. She is now 20. She's a quarter horse, named Lassie. She showed 4H in her younger years, has done some team penning (very slow team penning but great for beginners), wonderful on the trail, we take her swimming, we take her everywhere. Has no vices, is pretty much the perfect bombproof horse. Anyone can ride her, and we always put complete beginners on her and she just carries them around. I bought her for my younger sister to learn to ride on, who is still a beginner.

So this spring... we have ridden her occasionally over the winter, and this is not uncommon at all for her to go for a while without being ridden, and she is always perfect coming back into work. We go for a ride. I am on my other horse, and Lassie is being ridden by a novice friend. She bolts! As soon as you bring her to the lope, she's gone, just takes off. So my friend falls off, gets back on and lassie is still being a pain. When I ride her, she is a complete doll, when my dad rides her, again a complete doll, he even rides her without a bridle and saddle. Now when someone else rides her, she will bolt with them. I am a little lost as to what to do. I figured I could have friends over who I know could handle it, so when she tries it with them they can correct it, since she doesn't do it with me. I can't put beginner riders on her now, and I just don't understand why she is acting like this all of a sudden. I was thinking maybe some sort of pain, but if that was the case I would assume she would do that with me and my dad as well. Any ideas on the cause and way to fix this?

A picture of the sweet gone crazy thing
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    04-07-2009, 11:51 PM
My first guess is that they are doing something to cause the bolt. Maybe they are cueing her a certain way or poking her a certain place? Did she just do it that one time or is this a common thing now? It could also be that she is testing them to see what they will allow. She is a little old for that but it does happen. I would suggest that you and your dad work with her a little more and then put a stranger on her that is experienced to see if she does it with an experienced rider who is different from you. If she does, then I suggest lots of riding and working with you and your dad and get some friends who know horses to work her sometimes just to get her used to different riders.
    04-08-2009, 03:50 AM
We have a 25 yr old tb mare who was my go to with beginners for a while but she grew tired of the newbies riding her and has started taking off even in the arena when given the chance if a beginner is riding her. I think she is just voicing her objection to being used for beginner lessons and old enough and set in her ways enough to just figure out a way out of it. (We don't work her hard very light work) Your horse may be at the same point, just figures she doesn't want to deal with beginners any more. Def try working her for a while with experienced riders only and see what happens.
    04-08-2009, 11:10 AM
I would have experienced "strangers" ride her for awhile. She may have figured out that she can get away with stuff with strangers. I have a mare who does that... when she was young it was being extra lazy, now that she is old she "bolts" & doesn't listen to them. For her its just testing her rider.. if they don't let her get away with it she will stop, so now I'm really careful about who I let ride her.
    04-08-2009, 01:55 PM
Yea I am going to be putting only more experienced people on her for a while. Maybe she is just sick of it. She's fine at the walk and jog, head down and lazy, then as soon as you want to lope she bolts. It seems even more unusual because she's the kind of horse that you really have to push to get going. Her lope is so slow and she hates going fast.
    04-08-2009, 03:37 PM
Hmmm... just had an idea. Maybe the people who are riding her a really tensing up as they are asking for a lope? Which she is picking up on and taking off?

Not quite the same thing but Soda used to buck at a canter (before I got him) because when he was trained his rider wouldn't be prepared when they asked for a canter so would catch him in the mouth etc when he started. He got a pretty bad attitude about it for awhile.

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