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What should I start my mare with?

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        10-30-2009, 09:54 AM
    Originally Posted by flamingauburnmustang    
    I understand what you are saying. Any bit can be used in a way that will harm the horse. But in comparison with the other thicker bits, thin bits can be worse.
    Yes - thin bits can be very severe. Compare - lay a piece of dental floss on your finger and have a friend pull. Now lay a piece of rope on your finger and pull.

    The thicker the mouthpiece - more pressure distribution.
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        11-15-2009, 02:40 PM
    With mine, I did alot of basics in just a halter, than a ss french link snaffle, and now, we just starting accustoming her to bit pressure while lungeing. Eventually, I am planning to long line her in a full cheek snaffle, and drop nose caveson, and during our first few months of riding in the same get-up. I'd put the bridle with a simple snaffle on and then the halter over it for a couple of weeks, so she doesn't have to worry about not only the bit, but pressure as well.
        11-16-2009, 08:54 AM
    Every horse I have ever trained I have used a full cheek snaffle and I would introduce it to them in there stall, ensure there is nothing for them to get caught on and let them get used to the feel in their mouth, then I would incorporate that into my ground work by this time they should lunge both directions know walk, trot and def. WHOA. I then do ground driving and long lineing. This ensures that I have a left, right, forward and whoa before I get on their back and I have had many people get on my horses backs and comment on what soft mouths they have and how well they respond. But I have heard others say they struggle with the longe lineing but that was how I was taught by training stable I worked at.
        11-16-2009, 11:05 AM
    Bitting and first rides are really two very different topics.
    The first rides on a horse very much needs to be calm,quiet,and relaxed.
    The horse needs to feel safe and secure.
    The horse MUST trust YOU!

    If you need absolute "CONTROL" over the horse on the first rides and think you are going to get that with any metal or rubber in their mouth(that they don't understand),Then you need another hobby.

    The first rides are NOT about framing or collecting.
    They are NOT even about steering a whole lot as the horse is just getting use to BALANCING YOUR WEIGHT and moving a little.

    If you are worried about which bit to use,then put another person leading you with a lead and halter for a few rides and a walk.
    If the horse is comfortable,maybe a few steps at a trot if the horse is relaxed.

    The bit can be introduced with the horse in his stall and the reins removed.
    KEEP AN EYE ON THE HORSE and let them just wear the chosen bit every day for a short while.
    Let them learn to hold it in their mouth and relax as their tongue works around it.
    Let the horse get use to being bridled up and the routine of saddling WITH NO RIDING first.
    Practice mounting and dismounting until the horse is almost asleep.
        11-16-2009, 12:00 PM
    Originally Posted by Sketter    
    put a mild bit in her mouth like a happy mouth or a rubber bit, they are the best for starting out with training, and make sure you take your time the first time you put it its mouth they can be super sensetive :)
    I second the happy mouth bit! I love them! I let young horses wear it for 4 or 5 days increasing the time each day, they can bite and chew on it all the want and it doesnt hurt them...Then I move to a double chain bit (for the mountain horses) but you have to have soft hands!!!! Or else you will tear up a horses mouth! The best thing imo is to put that happy mouth in there untill they are content with it...ground drive them in it, work off their head, then move to the happy mouth, then move to a bit and be easy easy easy...


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