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        12-17-2009, 10:03 PM
    Where to start off...

    Well, the weather is finally being a bit more nicer, where I would actually be able to lunge Indigo just at a walk and trot for a few minutes.
    Anyway's now im not sure where to start with him.
    Im pretty positive he is broke, but I want to start on some ground work and work my way up a bit, just to improve our relationship and before hopping into a saddle and possibly being Bucked off or something of the sort !

    ( also I don't plan on doing any bit work, until I can get his teeth floated, but I bought that halter and the bit I was talking about ! the girl is coming on Sunday to bring it here ! )
    As we know he doesnt like to stand still, but so far he is great, I can swing a rope over her wither and tell him to stand and walk away.
    He lets me pick up all his feet, etc.
    My only concern is once again, he likes to lift his head up abit, when I start putting on a halter, so what if he does that with a bit ! So I usually wait till he lowers his head, tell him good boy and slide it on, if he lifts it up, I put my hand on his poll and hold it there till he lower's his head and than tell him good boy. So far so good.

    I think mostly I will have to work on mouth work, he doesnt really like having his mouth fiddled around with, so I think that will be an essential, so he doesnt turn out to be like pepper with taking the bit.

    I don't think he really know's how to lunge, so I just started to introduce the lunge whip, with repetition, where if he moves away I pull it back and wait a bit than do it over, when he does what I want he get's a praise.
    So I have started along the neck, and the back and withers, he has been pretty good, still back's away sometime's and not.

    I would like to teach him to trot and canter, in hand. I was shown how to do it by a trainer but could someone give me some method's to start him off ? I know it is something that is good to work on.

    Anything else you might have in mind I could work on as a goal, this winter for ground work that doesnt require to much energy and such, Just simpler things. :)
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        12-18-2009, 08:34 AM
    Green Broke
    I'm dumb...again, this is Shay-la but SOMEONE didn't sign herself out on my computer...LOL!
        12-18-2009, 08:35 AM
    Haha...try this again...

    If you've never taught a horse to trot in hand yet, I'd start with Marshy - just because he *probably* already knows it considering the barn he came from, and he seems to be a little more forgiving while you figure it out!

    Start off with his lead in your right hand, whip tucked beside you in your left. Ask him to walk on, if he does, great. If not, GENTLY touch his butt with the tip of the whip. Don't smack him, just a touch to let him know there's something behind him to enforce your request. Once you've got walk and whoa down, (with him always staying at your side and not turning to face you every time you whoa), then ask for a trot. Again, if he gives it to you, AWESOME! If not, encourage from behind with the tip of the whip. I can show you what I mean next month when the youngsters are ready for another visit - that is if you want me back out. I promise I won't be offended if you'd rather have the guy I mentioned out instead - especially with your filly's new issue...sorry about that by the way. But I KNOW there's nothing I could have done in the 10 minutes I worked with her that could have caused that. Especially since I mentioned it to your dad before even picking out her feet. Either way, that sucks.

    Let me know if my explaination sucks - pm me and I'll try to clarify!!! Take care and love the weather while we have it! Supposed to be above -20 with the wind all weekend now too!
        12-18-2009, 06:00 PM

    Yes I would like you to come back out again, I know you did mention it to my dad, and the fact that I know you did not touch the foot at all, is great.
    We will use the farrier you recommended to pull the shoes, and getting the older horses feet all done. But you are and did do great.
    You did absolutely nothing to enhance what had happened, Because that was the job that the farrier who had her, did.

    I will definitally try that with marshy first lol and see how he takes to it :)

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