why does she do this?

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why does she do this?

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        06-10-2008, 08:25 PM
    why does she do this?

    Hi Everyone!

    I have an 8 yo standardbred mare who I broke in 4 years ago with the help of an experienced friend. For the past 4 years, I'm the only one who's ridden my horse. In those four years, she has only had two rides on her by other people, and these were only short (10 mins) by experienced riders.

    Anyway, last weekend, I put my sister on my horse so she could have a ride. My sister has been riding for almost as long as me. Then my horse put her head up really high, looked really worried and refused to move until I lead her forward. She was really tense and had her ears turned back, facing my sister (not grumpy back, just listening). Whenever my sister, squeezed her to get her to go forwards, my horse stopped and looked really unsure of what to do. She wasn't being naughty, she's usually really calm and compliant.

    Is this normal for a horse to act this way if it has only had one rider since it has been broken in? And why does my horse do this???
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        06-10-2008, 08:53 PM
    In all honesty, it's not uncommon. Since you've been the ONLY one to ride her for 4 years, the feel of a new person (weight, riding ability, position etc) on a horse can be very strange for it, so that is not a terribly strange reaction.
    Did she do this with the other two riders as well?
    Things that popped into my head were:
    - Did you use different tack?
    - Did you make sure that there was nothing on the saddle pad that might have irritated the horse? No folds or rocks or slivers?
    - Was the mare in heat?
    - Did you check her bakc and legs for any heat or discomfort?
        06-10-2008, 09:00 PM
    Thanks JDI, the, tack was all fine. I actually had just gotten off her before my sister got on and my horse was perfectly normal when I was riding her. This was what made me think it was the different rider that worried her.

    The other riders rode her so long ago that I don't remember how my horse reacted. One just got on for a few mins to get her to do a turn on the forehand properly. The other was a trainer who just got on her and wasn't too sensitive towards her. The trainer was just like 'do what I want or else', the trainer didn't care how the horse felt. I think the trainer was a bit too strict and rigid with her.

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