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        08-01-2009, 04:19 PM
    How do you do a half-hault?
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        08-01-2009, 04:58 PM
    My horse would always speed up going around turns and my trainer told me (and this is in a trot) to pull back on ur reins lightly one at a time (left right left right) and do it as slow as you want the horse to go(the horse will pick up the pattern and you'll be controlling the trot pace...cantering- try massaging the bit in his mouth, pull back in a circular motion easily and do it to a pace that you want him to canter. It seems to work for my horse.
        08-01-2009, 05:08 PM
    Ok to be honest theres many ways this problem may have occured-
    Do you ever constantly schooling him in the same way? He may be bored and want more fun? Is he ok hacking or havent you tried?
    If none of this works
    Take him into the school mount him normally but don't put your other leg to the other side of his saddle stay set on one side and wiggle around put pressure on the back of his saddle he may have back problems and the faster he goes the less painful is is for him- TB got this as he is an x race horse

    If he doesnt react swing your leg over and walk him round if he speeds up to trot don't RISE bring him back to a halt keep repeating this until you can happily do easy laps round the schoolin walk

    You can also do this in a trot- when he goes up into a canter back to a walk

    If this is pointless reading because he is so strong then go on the lead rein just because your are good at riding doesnt mean in any case you wont ever have to go on the lead rope again- try to walk him as much as you can and when YOUR HAPPY and READY will that be the time when you go faster


    Ok I would start using a dutch gag BUT strictly with two reins one on the snaffle ring and then the other rein on the last ring-if you don't like the strong bit idea remember the bit is only as strong as the rider wants it to be- or if not a gag a pelham NOTHING DOUBLE just a single pelham and remember the curb chain

    I hope this helps you and if you need more edging in the right way drop me a comment

        08-01-2009, 09:07 PM
    Originally Posted by SpiritJordanRivers    
    He doesn't know how to canter on the lungeline yet.
    If your horse doesn't know how to canter when asked on the longe line, how do you expect him to know how to do it undersaddle, be it slow or fast? IMO, he needs to learn the vocal command "canter" while on the line, and then you need to ask a buddy to longe him while you sit and cue from the saddle, and only when he consistently performs on the longe line ask him to do it by himself. Having a friend hold the line while you sit on him helps him learn how to balance at that speed carrying a rider, and neither of you need to worry about establishing a bend or steering, because the circle does that for you. I think that he lacks consistency because he's not totally sure how to balance himself at that gait. A horse naturally canters across a pasture - no horse ever would naturally carry a 100 lb plus rider at ANY speed. Be patient, and go back to longe work. Also, if you do continue to canter him undersaddle, any time he takes off with you, I would do tight trotting circles, then ask him again. After some repetition doing that, he'll learn that slow and controlled means last work than fast and crazy. Alternatively, just let him tire himself out, and then ask for some change in directions, or multiple walk/canter transitions, then reward him immensely and get off. End on a good note, and lots of repetition. Good luck!
        08-01-2009, 09:08 PM
    For the half hault: if you are holding your hands properly, you simply rotate your hands at the wrist to bump the bit. Do it in rhythm with the pace you want to be at. ;)
        08-01-2009, 09:51 PM
    I commend you for not going to a harsher bit. A harsher bit is never the answer. If the horse doesn't respond to a soft bit, there is a hole in the foundation and should be addressed as such, not addressed in a way that causes pain and MAKES the horse respond. Sure, hauling back on the horse's mouth in a harsh bit will get him off it, but at what price? The rider creates pain in order to MAKE the horse listen, and that's not right IMO. You should NEVER inflict pain to get a response from your horse. People needs to get "bigger brains" (which is more knowledge) instead of bigger bits or spurs.
        08-02-2009, 11:27 AM
    If your horse doesn't know how to canter when asked on the longe line, how do you expect him to know how to do it undersaddle
    He got no ground work at the dude ranch that we bought him from. He didn't know how to longe, all they did was kick him to go and pull back until he stopped. Now I'm going back and training to him longe but we just started and he's still just racking and walking and haulting and such.
        08-02-2009, 12:28 PM
    Minus your arms, what do you do with your body position when your horse takes off? We already have info on how you're using your reins. What are your legs, seat and shoulders doing when he's running flat out?

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