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        02-01-2010, 05:57 PM
    Originally Posted by tealamutt    
    Also, our arena can get very crowded too, but most of the gals don't mind if I set up the poles anyway, as long as I am willing to share the space for them to go over as well. Most people like having ways to mix up their rides and are very open to trying each other's ideas. Always ask first though and if they aren't into it try it next time someone is fine with your poles!

    Ha! I thought people were going to be bummed that I put poles all over the place. Instead it backfired on me and now everyone uses them for their warmups too! Glad it's working for others.
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        02-01-2010, 08:27 PM
    Thanks everyone all of this advice is great, I spend much of my time doing circles and such up their, 10 meter and 20 meter and trotting down the center line, I do a lot of transitions up their and I'll usually do 3 or four circles up their in each gait, go around the whole ring once, and then do more circles. My horse has bending to the inside down to a science, unfortunately he has a weird way of getting around actually looking to the inside, and I notice sometimes when he's bent to the inside he'll tilt his head ever so slightly so that he can keep one eye focused on what I don't want him to notice. I'm hoping he'll become less explosive, I feel like our last spook was destined to be explosive but I pulled him back in time, and that's a plus, but he still darted off the rail in a canter/ almost gallop. But I find this a bit better than the spook that landed me on the ground and the bucking he'll usually throw into his spooks. But we're working on repetition, I'm seeing progress and so are others! Glad to hear I'm not the only person with a wind-hating horse that hates one end of the arena. Tealamutt is I may ask, what end is your horse more tense at? My horse HATE'S the A end, but a bear could be standing at the C end and he'll be fine.
        02-01-2010, 08:34 PM
    It is the A end as well. There is a door down there that is cracked open about enough for a person to fit through. I think the light and wind and just enough of a glimpse outside is what sets him off. Everyone's horses take time to adjust to it, he's finally getting better but still scared if I'm just riding along being a passenger. It's funny, if I turn him out in the arena, all he wants to do is run to the door and stand in that corner, if I'm on him, he thinks it's hell on earth. Fruit loop!!
        02-01-2010, 08:37 PM
    Ah, the door at the A end is always shut, and sometimes light peaks through, that causes a lot of tension in my boy, but even when I ride at night, he's still tense for some reason. And if the door is open, a crack, all the way, halfway, light or dark out, no matter what he's on hyper alert!

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