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Won't Move

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    08-03-2009, 04:18 PM
Won't Move

Penny Pony is currently unbroke (She's only been rode a couple times now). But, we have a problem...she won't move!! We are currently of course, just starting with walk, but no matter what I do I can't get her to move forward. I use mouth noise and gentle squeezes, but she just stands there looking around like I don't even exist when I'm up there.

Do you think maybe having a crop in hand would help? Not to use, but maybe just knowing it is there would help? She knows a crop means move from us lunging her...or any other ideas?
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    08-03-2009, 05:00 PM
I assume she is halter broke? If so, we started out with one person in the saddle the other with the lead rope. The person in the saddle gives the cues. Hands forward, kiss, leg, etc while the other person would give the halter cue from the ground as the last cue. You need to up the insistence of the cue until you get forward movement then release all pressure. Does that make sense?
Each thing is a sort of pressure.
Hands forward if no response then kiss, if still no response then leg pressure, if still no response slap with a lead rope or whip (I start off tapping my leg) if still no response person on ground gives cue to walk out. When the response is achieved again remove all pressure.
If your up to it, have the person at the end of the lead rope drive with whatever you have used in the halter training (lunge whip end of lead rope etc.)
The bottom line is pressure, pressure, pressure until the horse gives the proper response. The release of the pressure is the reward for doing the right thing.
Hope that helps a little
    08-04-2009, 03:57 AM
Have one person hold the lunge line while one person rides her. First give her the opportunity to move forward on her own with a kick and a kiss then immediately after not proceeding forward have the lunge line holder use a lunge whip behind her while you give her another kick and a kiss. When she gets the point while lunging, remove her from the lunge line and you can use a crop or a dressage whip in place of the lunge whip for a while. Keep doing this and with a bit of time she will start putting it together with what she is supposed to do so no extra devices will be needed.
    08-04-2009, 06:40 AM
A horse don't understand kissing noises and squeesing automatically when he/she gets a rider up there the first time You need to teach. One way is by having someone leding her/him the first times.

Oh, and especially squresing is just confusing. Instead, lift your lft hand a bit (opn the shoulder) and then kick/tap(gently!) with your right leg to encourage the hindleg to move. As it does, lift your right hand and then use your left leg. It's much more understandable for the horse since that way you ask each leg to move in time. You'l get a rythm of it really easy, but you don't haveto do it much. It usually takes three or four rides to start the horse that way before normal starting works as well, and once it has begun to move it generally continues without guidance for every step.
    08-04-2009, 02:33 PM
They do need to learn the kissing and leg squeezing. By having the horse in hand by one person and another on the ground, doing this over and over the horse will put it together. I've just taught my 3 year olds to walk forward under saddle in this manner. It does work. Especially if you have used a kiss sound to get them to walk out on a lead rope.
I used that as an example. Use whatever you have used to get them to walk out in halter training. If you say "walk on" then use that. I have used a kiss to get mine to walk out since they were born so it works for them.

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