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Are you a horse Momma?

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    03-01-2011, 10:54 PM
Are you a horse Momma?

So I was checkin out CL the other day and came across this website and found it quite interesting. Thought the other horse owners here would like to see this as well. is the website, and I am pretty sure that I will be going to see him this summer if I can make it to one of his obstical (sp) days, which look like ALOT of fun.

Top Ten Signs That You Might Be Your Horses’ Momma.
10. Your horse doesn’t care to be worked in the round pen. He gets bored easily and doesn’t understand the need for groundwork.
9. Your horse is too smart to cross the obstacle. Why should he cross when he can just go around?

8. Your horse requires at least two extra additives to its formulated grain ration.
7. Your horse's feet are in poor shape right now, as you can't find a farrier that can properly handle him and understand the issues he has with his feet.
6. Your horse’s shots & Coggin’s certificate aren’t up to date right now, as you can't find a vet that can properly handle him or even be willing to come out a second time.
5. Half of your herd is foundered. The other half could carry a cup of water poured directly on their backs without spilling it.
4. Your horse has at least two of the diseases that recent articles have been written about in the half-dozen horse magazines you subscribe to.
3. When spooked, your horse doesn’t mind jumping on top of you for protection.
2. Your newest horse has been abused by past owners. You're just sure of it because of all the emotional issues he has.
1. Your internet name starts with your favorite horses’ name and ends with Mom or Momma.

Steve’s Top Ten Signs That You Might Be Your Horses’ Buddy.
10. When spooked, your horse has a bad habit of bucking you off and leaving you in the dust.
9. He‘ll do nearly anything for a treat.
8. “He‘s a pretty good horse…Once you catch him. Well that and he bucks out a little at first, but he settles down all right. No big deal, really.”
7. You fear hurting your horse’s “feelings” and destroying his “pride“. You just want to be “honest” with him.
6. “Hard to catch? NO WAY! He comes running at the sight of a bucket“.

5. You’ve went through a dozen bits trying to find the one that works….Well, not as good as you’d like. But it’s the best so far. Correct saddle fit has been an evasive thing as well.
4. Your horse will kick out if the rider behind gets too close. So you “fix” that problem with a ribbon in his tail.
3. “He just loves resting his head on my shoulder.”

2. Your training philosophy hinges on the fact that you should be the “alpha buddy” and not the “herd leader“.
1. You’re the first to admit that you’re no trainer. (Note: every horse owner IS a trainer whether they want to be or not.)

Steve’s Top Ten Signs That You Might Be Your Horses’ Leader.
10. You fully understand the concept of “pressure and release”, and how critical the “timing” is of that release.
9. You know the difference between "teaching a concept" and "demanding perfection". When to reward the smallest try and when to ask for more.
8. In a new situation you don’t mind taking the time to dismount and lead him through, then send him through, and then ride him through. You'll wait for others to do the same.
7. When things go wrong it’s your fault. Not the horse’s fault, not the vet’s fault, not the farrier’s fault, not the wind’s fault, but your fault.
6. You realize your horse doesn’t act up just to “push your buttons“. It acts and reacts out of fear and trust.
5. You pay attention to your horses emotional clues. You are seldom surprised by your horse’s physical reactions and have a preplanned action to counteract or support them, as needed.
4. Your horse works well in the round pen. Groundwork is a dance, or is becoming one.

3. Your horse can be led anywhere on a loose lead rope. He is easy to catch, as well.
2. Your horse is a joy to ride. He is easy to teach new things.
1. You'll admit to being you’re horse’s leader. You cherish your horse’s trust in you, over his love for you. You act as the lead horse would act.
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    03-02-2011, 06:32 AM
Green Broke
Thats cool I think im a cross between the leader and buddy leaning more towards the leader not to sound snobby or anything
    03-02-2011, 06:37 AM
I like it, and very true.
I like to think I fit pretty basically all of the qualities of the leader....just also some of the buddy ones, too, lol
    03-02-2011, 02:10 PM
Green Broke
That's great

We are a leader with some buddy thrown in (which we are working on)
    03-02-2011, 02:22 PM
I see that I've got most of the qualities of the leader.. and some of the qualities of the 'mom' too. But then, in my opinion, a mom to any animal has to be a leader, too, and enforce discipline, but sometimes it's nice to just have fun and spoil said animal rotten. (Hello, molasses cookies..)
    03-02-2011, 02:41 PM
Green Broke
Funny! Leader with a bit of buddy. Haha!
Posted via Mobile Device
    03-03-2011, 08:24 AM
I also have most qualities from the leader group. Glad you guys enjoyed it
    03-03-2011, 08:31 AM
Nice ! That's very interesting, im all the leader ones ! I have found a very good place with my horse where she is extremely obedient but still has a lot of life and play in her =]

Some people at my barn are all momma and buddy eek !

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