A horses tail

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A horses tail

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        11-24-2011, 09:50 PM
    A horses tail

    So me and my friend are making a movie, based on our animals
    This is our script so far, what do you think?

    Girl cow: Hey, don't you reckon the grass really is a lot greener on the other side of the fence?
    Boy cow: Well, I kinda like the dark green grass, it taste a lot chewier.
    Girl cow: I know but the other grass is so much... greener.
    Boy cow: Well yea, I get where your coming like, green grass taste, you know, really green!
    Girl cow: I know right!
    Boy cow: Yea
    (Marlea comes in)
    Marlea: HEY GUYS!
    Boy cow : *sighs* Oh no...
    Baby cow: MARLEA!
    Marlea: Hey squirt!
    Baby cow: Heyyy! Watcha doin?

    Marlea: Not much, wanna come to the troff with me?
    Baby cow: Uhm well, I want to...
    Boy cow: Uhm, he has uhh HE HAS HOMEWORK TO DO
    Girl cow: Yea....
    Baby cow: Homework!? What homework?
    Boy cow: From the tutor
    Baby cow: I don't have a...
    Boy cow: Ugh, shhhh!
    Girl Cow: We hired you a tutor by surprise... SURPRISE!
    Marlea: Yea right... *sigh* Gosh they don't even know good cow flesh when they see it!
    (Marlea walks over and sees Tom)
    Marlea: Uhmm... Hi Tom
    Tom: Well uh, this is going to sound like really weird but...
    Marlea: Yea I'm kinda used to that...
    Tom: Your always so truthful... that's one of the amazing things about you
    Marlea: Oh gosh...
    Tom: Anyway, do you reckon I'm cute?
    Marlea: Uhhh cute?
    Tom: Yea,
    Marlea: Sure Tom, Yea.
    Tom: Oh! Uhh do you mean like cute, or like cute cute, cause you know, I like talked to some of the mares, and they all think I'm cute cute, OH! You know who I talked too!? I talked to Abby, and she said that I'm cute cute!
    Abby: AS IF TOM, YOU WISH!
    Tom: Ugh... anyways... what do you reckon, I know that your opnion is like really important because your like one of the most beautiful mares here, and well yea
    Marlea: Uhmm... have you ever seen a baby turtle?
    Tom: Well yea, uhm... what?
    Marlea: Your that kinda cute... you know? Like yea...
    Tom: Owh...
    (Romeo walks in)
    Romeo: Hey Marlea
    Marlea: Owh! Romeo! Hey!
    Romeo: Well your mane is looking so, you know, silky.
    Tom: Already used that one, and uhm Romeo, Marlea was just telling me about how, you know cute cute I am, yea so what do you reckon Marlea?
    Romeo: Just leave the poor girl alone ok!? Ok Tom? You need to understand sometimes that...
    Romeo: One second Marlea, you need to realise that some mares, you know, some female horses they go for the hot ones.... like me.
    Abby: Hi romeo!
    Romeo: Yea.. Hi Abby... Anyway, Marlea do you wanna go to the troff with me, I heard that it's really nice today.
    Marlea: Sure Romeo.
    Romeo: Alright then
    (Tom freaks out at a random baby chicks and baby rooster)
    Tom: UHHH! ROOSTER! Wait... Marlea come back! UHHH BABY CHICKS, BABY CHICKS!
    Marlea: Nawwww aren't they cute!
    (end of scene)
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        11-24-2011, 11:41 PM
    Hehe I like it! :)
        11-24-2011, 11:41 PM
        11-24-2011, 11:42 PM
    Lol thanks
        01-11-2012, 04:58 AM
    Haha too funny loved it!

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