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Tennessee- "I've seen more than one slaughter house in real life, and neither one was abusive or uncaring to the animals." Like I said, I ONLY know about inhumane slaugher houses, meaning I know nothing about the humane places. I have no opinion on them and already mentioned that, so I don't really see why you brought that up.

kmdstar- "..seriously THINK of the time it would take for a horse to starve to death, all the suffering opposed to being shot in the head and dying... The only thing you are helping is a larger number of horses STARVING TO DEATH if slaughter didn't exsist." I already said that slaughtering is preferred to starving to death? And to the last sentence, are you saying there is not a better way to take away a horses life?

katesrider011- "And to add, how bout instead of worrying about slaughter, how about you go out and give your horse(s) a great big hug and thank god they won't have to go through that because they are with you. That's what I do all the time." Haha you're right, I did just that :). He was a failed racehorse that very well could have ended up there, so I thank God!

Spastic_Dove- "These videos are biased and youre not going to get the full understanding of what actually goes on during slaughter." So you're saying the videos I've seen of inside the slaughter houses are biased too? (Once again, ONLY talking about the inhumane places here)

speedy da fish- "MOST slaughter is simply a bullet through the head, quick and painless. End of :)" For this I'll give you a quote:

"Inside the slaughterhouse, each horse is led to a metal pen called a "kill box." A worker then shoots the animal in the head with a .22 caliber rifle.

When slaughtered properly, the bullet is supposed to enter a horse's brain at an angle that will instantly render the animal unconscious, resulting in a quick death and little or no suffering.

But CHDC's undercover video shows multiple instances in which horses at Richelieu are shot in the face at awkward angles. The shooter's poor aim means some horses must be shot two, even three times before they are dead.

"It's just complete chaos and brutality, and the suffering is really unimaginable," said Twyla Francois, CHDC's central region director and lead investigator.

Francois helped expose conditions at Richelieu and other Canadian horse slaughterhouses when she first began investigating the facilities four years ago. Since then, she's been pressuring the Canadian government for better oversight and more humane treatment of horses sent to slaughter. She believes the most recent video showing procedures inside Richelieu shows why horse slaughter isn't a good idea at all.

"A number of horses were shot in one eye, then the other eye. They're flailing around. Horses are classic flight animals. When they're scared of something they bolt, which simply doesn't allow for an efficient humane slaughter in an assembly line fashion," Francois said."
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Yes because they are showing the lower rung of slaughter houses. Often these places are unregulated and have no real standards to live up to.
When a slaughter house risks being closed down if they are not following regulations for humane treatment, they become a lot better. Money talks.

Not to mention someones point about stress spoiling meat.

There are bad apples in every bunch. Thats why I am for the reopening of slaughter houses in the US and making strict regulations for shipment and slaughter of horses.
Horses will get better treatment and we will get revenue and jobs. Someone mentioned seeing what they thought were Mexicans in the videos. This does not necessarily mean theyre in Mexico. Because of the poor working conditions, risks, etc these jobs are marketed towads people who are so desperate for jobs that they will take anything including workers without papers from outside of the states (when places in the US were open).

We would need to regulate conditions for employees as well as the animals.

Shooting a horse can go wrong, yes. But if the horse is restrained properly and an experienced individual is doing it, it is fast and painless. Same goes with the captive bolt.
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HNS101: I wouldn't send mine to slaughter if that's what you're asking. It might be necessary, but my horses won't have to experience it. I don't know how you are with this, but shoot it and donate it to the zoo where they feed the meat to the animals. I'd rather shoot my horse on the spot while it was suffering than ship it somewhere still alive and then die. One shot to the head at point blank and it's done. Although I use Euthanasia for my horses. But I'm not opposed to anyone who shoots their horses, *As long as it's because it's cause the horse is suffering* I'm opposed to people shooting horses for fun. But that's kinda obvious :P
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I only saw one picture on that video that looked like it came from a slaughter house. The pictures of the dying and starved horses are garbage. They have nothing to do with slaughter. I have seen many animals killed in efficent, ethical slaughterhouses. Sometimes mistakes happen and it make take 2 or 3 shots to kill a horse but it is very rare. You never see the videos where the guy killing the horses does it right all day long. And who cares about the piles of nothing but heads. The horse was dead before they cut it off and didn't feel a thing.

I wish all you bleeding hearts would get up off the couch and go see what happens in the real world. You can't learn everything from the internet and youtube. Grow UP

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Just for the record, horse meat is actually very tasty. I'm eating it all of the time next time I go to Germany or France. They know how to grow 'em over there.
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If I find a nice fat pony that's cheap enough I might have some myself.

There's nothing like the Rockies in the springtime... Nothing like the freedom in the air... And there ain't nothing better than draggin calves to the fire and there's nothing like the smell of burning hair. -Brenn Hill
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Don't you just love how half of the photos in that stupid little video are not even AT a slaughter plant? I especially was intrigued by the picture of the man holding a rifle in the air upside down to the horse's head with his right hand while holding onto the lead rope with his left hand ... what a moron. I am pretty darn sure that was not done at ANY slaughterplant in the US when they were open.

You just need to take videos like that with a grain of salt and with a few brain cells.

If you can't tell, I am PRO-slaughter. It doesn't mean I like horse slaughter, but I understand that it is a necessity due to our free-will society.

Horse slaughter in the US is illegal, but there are still secret places.
KendallAR: Where exactly are these "secret places"? I've never heard of any.

Where is it done humanely? If the horse is happy and not being abused up until their death, then go ahead.. But I've only seen videos of inhumane places, where the horse is desperately trying to escape but ends up getting hung up on a rope by a leg, blood dripping down to the floor.
It WAS done humanely right here in the US before PETA and other organizations shut it down. Now our horses get to be hauled much farther to Canada and Mexico, where Mexico has little to NO regulation on horse slaughter and it is inhumane in Mexico.

I have also only seen videos of inhumane slaughter because those are the biased videos that are pushed by organizations such as PETA to make horse slaughter appear to be cruel, inhumane, and "gone bad" to every single horse that walks through the door, which just isn't true. I personally have never been to a horse slaughter plant (there were none around my area), but I've done enough research to know that the inhumane accounts are rare and few between.

Have you never gone deer hunting or seen a cattle plant? That's how you take care of the meat AFTER the animal has been killed. You hang it up upside down. That's just how you do it.

never get why there are always pictues of starving horses in slaughter videos. I don't think slaughter has much to with that.
I agree, Sissimut. The starving type horses often end their due to their owner's fault of not properly taking care of the horse or not having enough money to take care of the horse (and thus selling it) ... it is not the slaughterplant's fault.

But sadly there are good horses that go there as well. And that's where I disagree with it is when a good racehorse or any horse like that gets sent there to make quick cash.
KatesRider: I also don't like it when a perfectly good horse gets sent for slaughter, but what exactly can you do about it? There is free will of selling your "property" in this country, so if someone wants to sell their horse to a kill buyer at an auction, they have every right to. It's America. You step on constitutional rights if you would try to do anything about regulating who can and can't sell things.

this video is based off of illegal US slaughterhouses.
KendallAR: Where is your source for that? Sorry, I'm just a really research-minded person that likes to have hard proof for everything.

well i'm disgusted by it but if yah rly think of it say if you had a rly old horse and he was going to die soon wouldnt you rather him go to good use for food??
HNS101: My fiance jokes about this all the time, saying we can just shoot my horse ourselves when he gets too old. I myself would not have a problem eating horse meat (I grew up on a ranch so meat = meat) and I actually would like to try it someday because I do hear it is really good. But I really don't think an old wrinkly horse is going to make for very good meat ... cattle don't anyway. So I just tell my fiance "no, because he wouldn't taste good enough when he's old."

But CHDC's undercover video shows multiple instances in which horses at Richelieu are shot in the face at awkward angles. The shooter's poor aim means some horses must be shot two, even three times before they are dead.
KendallAR: Yes of course there are instances where they bolt gun is not aimed properly because it is run by a human. Humans make errors and make mistakes. Is that the slaughterplants fault? No. Because you can bet the boss-man will not be happy at his employee for messing up the shot, wasting bolts, stressing the horse, and not being efficient. A slaughterplant is a business and for them to make the most money they need to be efficient and accurate. So yes, there are mistakes, but mistakes occur because of human nature. But of course, the undercover videos are only going to show you those rare mistakes and NOT show you the times the bolt gun went right and the slaughter was humane with a relaxed and calm horse.

And DITTO to Tennessee, Spastic Dove, and Kevinshorses.

∞*˚ Βгįťţαňγ ˚*∞
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Originally Posted by KendallAR View Post
While these pictures are of very graphic nature, I actually picked the less disturbing photos, believe it or not. There are photos of large piles of JUST horse heads and legs. There is NOTHING right about horse slaughter, so do what you can to END it. Horse slaughter in the US is illegal, but there are still secret places. If you ever see what looks to be a horse trailer on the way to get slaughtered (barred, many horses packed inside), get the license plate down. You may be wrong, but you may be right.
Tell you what, Post your address and we all can start sending you the unwanted,old,crazy horses to your place. Sounds like the best solution to me.
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Beau159: I didn't say I could do anything much about it, that's just what I don't like about it.
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Green Broke
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oh geez how many days before this thread goes bad? ;)

well, before I got onto horseforum I was also one of those SHUT THEM ALL DOWN people...I still don't like the idea of them, but unfortunately because of the irresponsible breeders around, there are too many horses in need of a good home, and not enough good homes :/ I'd love for there to be a way for ALL of them to be saved but that's life...unfortunately there's not. And as others have already mentioned, slaughter is preferable to letting the horse starve to death in a mud lot somewhere.

I also think it would be best that they open back up in the US, because then there's a chance of them being regulated and as humane as they can be, and at least then horses wouldn't be getting shipped all the way to Canada and Mexico from the US. You think they stop every 4 hours to let the horses walk around and get a drink and some hay? UUUUMMMMM NO. They'd be much better off taking a short trip to a US slaughter house and ending the suffering more quickly.

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horse slaughter

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