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Advice on leasing out

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        04-30-2010, 09:33 PM
    Originally Posted by HowClever    
    Unfortunately, the biggest turn off for me would be the whole 24/7 visitation thing. If I was leasing a horse I would have absolutely no problem with the owner calling me sometimes and saying "hey do you mind if I pop in?" but any lease that states the owner has the right to walk on to my property at any time? I don't think so.

    The way I see it if you know and love this horse as much as you do even a visit once every couple of weeks would be enough to tip you off as soon as something was different about your horse. I assume you know the ins and outs of her and therefore it wouldn't be hard to spot when something was wrong.

    As far as terminating the lease, I think that is a pretty standard clause in most agreements, but only if the conditions of the lease aren't met. And seeings as your conditions are pretty far up there, I think you'd be terminating the lease rather quickly.

    I can understand you're concern for jumping if she has a previous hip injury. HOWEVER, cantering a 5 year old shouldn't be an issue at all. And if I were you I would do yourself a favour and have her vetted for soundness before you went any further. I'm thinking she would at least be cleared for light jumping.

    I don't mean to come off harsh, I am merely doing as you asked and trying to help you tweak your lease.

    I didnt even think of it being a problem as to coming on someones property. I was thinking of boarding as I am. I do see that as a problem if they are on thier own property or even boarding and someone not being there and I just show up.

    She is deemed sound but I am over worried about the hip. I even do stretches with her before she does any kind of work. I don't even walk her without stretching. And as for showing up every once in a while and knowing something is off your right. I am just so paranoid about leasing her out I am over thinking. I can tell how the horse hurts and she tells me where if I simply ask.

    It will however be off property lease as I board and having someone come ride her where I board wouldnt work as the boarders are strict and don't even want visitors unless they sign a waiver. I am in the process of moving her in the next couple of weeks.

    MuleWrangler that is an awesome idea but I live in a big college town. So all those deals are gone. I have talked to 3 stables about that.

    I do however have a lady interested. Her daughter shows and is getting bored with her blue ribbon push button horses and her daughter trains as well. She was just talking to her mom about buying another horse for project. So they are looking at my mare. I don't have a problem with my mare cantering providing the person riding knows how to ride and can help her.

    I had a person email me wanting to put a 6yr old child on. I can't even believe people would want to do that on a green broke horse.

    I don't mind how she is rode I don't want her ground work to go backwards.

    Thank you guys I hadnt realized I had made it that bad.
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        04-30-2010, 09:55 PM
    Would this be any better?

    White paint 5yr old mare she is actually a faded grey medicine hat framed overo but very faded. Standing at 15.1 possibly taller have not measured in 6 months. I am offering a free lease only. She is green broke to ride but hasnt been rode over the winter. Leads, ties, stands, trims, loads, bathes, lunges free and on line. Jumps free and on line(never jumped undersaddle). Was beat by a man or men when she was a weanling so doesnt take to aggressive men. Can pick up all four feet and clean and stretch her legs. Easy to catch.

    She would make a great halter horse or trail horse or pretty much anything but only light jumping. Would like her to stay in 30 miles of wooster/lakeville area but further is ok. She is a free lease if leasee provides, trims, care, food, and vet(for injuries). She has recent coggins, recent trim and shots due next month.

    Please email if you would like to come and meet her

    Do request that there is visitation allowed.
        04-30-2010, 10:23 PM
    Green Broke
    Personally I think it is much better.
        05-01-2010, 12:03 AM
    I do have to laugh at myself. I sound like an emotional 10yr old. Its been stressfull here and chasing two children down and dealing with a mother in law. Thank you for the critique now that things are quiet and my head is on I do appreciate it. Thank you for putting up with another emotional woman and helping me out on my lease.

    I never saw the lease as a problem. But its so much thinking to do with it. I just moved state and so not knowing anyone around here has really put a damper on my plans for my little pony.

    What are some good sites I could post her lease on? Any suggestions on the clausing and contract itself? I am sure I will make a mess of that like I did on a simple lease. Any other horse that I used to have wouldnt of bothered me on the training. But this horse is the only one that I have had that wasnt finished.
        05-02-2010, 01:34 AM
    Green Broke
    I have no idea about sites to post on, as I am in Australia! Haha.

    I think the best advice I can give you as far as the actual contract would be to try and get it looked at by a lawyer or other professional. But of course that is an expense! Otherwise maybe do an online search for example lease contracts and build from that?

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