Is it ALWAYS wrong to laugh in the face of a potential buyer?

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Is it ALWAYS wrong to laugh in the face of a potential buyer?

This is a discussion on Is it ALWAYS wrong to laugh in the face of a potential buyer? within the Horses for Sale forums, part of the Horse Resources category

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        05-29-2010, 12:45 AM
    Is it ALWAYS wrong to laugh in the face of a potential buyer?

    I was working with a horse in the barn, and someone I know in passing stopped by. He was looking for a horse that he could use on the farm, teach his grandson to ride on, and let his granddaughter rodeo on.

    I asked him how much he wanted to spend.

    No more than $150.

    So, yeah, I just started laughing and couldn't stop. Am I the only one who would laugh in that situation? He didn't get offended, but really, in my opinion, if you can't afford to buy one, you can't afford to keep one.
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        05-29-2010, 12:49 AM
    I would have laughed until I peed myself. If he finds that horse for $150, Ill buy it off of him for 300.
        05-29-2010, 01:03 AM
    I don't find that the least bit funny...

    I find it hilarious.

    There's a similar situation going on at the place I work. There's a woman who already owns a horse and boards it here. She doesn't work him or nothin', doesn't have a job... and can barely afford to keep him... but she wants to buy one of our mares 'cause the mare is quiet and broke while her gelding is unbroke (although he'd make a FANTASTIC horse...). My boss brought up the idea of a trade - Bella for Checkers - and the woman was like 'no!' 'cause she feels she has something to prove. Apparently her nephew said the horse was useless..... but she's afraid to get on him so I don't really understand. XD

    But yeah, people should always make sure they have enough money to care for their critters before buying anything.
        05-29-2010, 01:40 AM
    My bet would be he wanted it for the meat market :(. Most people that offer less than $200 for a horse are in that realm.

    I had a horse advertised on some site and I put the price as $1 and put CONTACT FOR PRICE in the description because we were still deciding on a price. The site wouldn't let me put "negotiable" in the price bar so I put $1 hoping people would be smart enough to know I didn't want to sell him for ten dimes.....but nope, someone emails me "My husband is willing to give you $100 instead of $1 for your horse. Can we have him?" Umm NO!
        05-29-2010, 03:08 AM
    Green Broke
    That's exactly how much I brought my first horse for! All that happened was a broken back and a torn lung.

    Yeah, I would laugh.
        05-29-2010, 06:23 AM
    I wouldn't laugh. Although all of my horses that I've had have cost a lot more than that, its called being professional. If you aren't selling the horse, then your in no position to laugh at the visitor to your barn.
        05-29-2010, 08:47 AM
    I wouldn't say it's wrong but it is rude and you missed an opportunity to possibly educate someone about buying horses.
        05-29-2010, 12:18 PM
    I invited the guy to come in and talk for a while. I told him that he could bring his grandson over and use one of my horses to teach him to ride, but I couldn't help him with the rodeo thing. He wanted a decent junior rodeo horse, and I told him that it was going to take a lot more than what he wanted to spend. I gave him a friend's phone number: she knows a lot of people with barrel horses, so she would be better able to help him.

    This all happened a couple weeks ago. He called me yesterday and said he found his granddaughter's horse for $2500, and he'll be able to use him on the farm. He's not sure yet whether his grandson can learn to ride on this horse or not. I told him the invitation to use one of mine was open, just to call first. He's planning on coming next week.
        05-29-2010, 12:41 PM
    It really is amazing how many people want this uber broke, bombproof, idiot-proof horse that will pack around anyone like a machine but aren't willing to pay what they are worth. So many people just don't get that a horse like that is worth it's weight in gold for a child or unconfident rider. So instead, they go out and find something that fits their bullcrap price cap and then end up on here asking how to stop said monstrosity from bucking, bolting, biting, kicking, etc, etc.
        05-29-2010, 01:01 PM
    I can see how being professional is something you should always try to strive for, but you can't help but laugh at someone who treats you like you're an idiot. I don't think I would have laughed but I certainly would have said something to make it clear to them that if you say something to stupid, I'll reply with something stupid.

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