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How much is your horse worth? Take the quiz.

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    12-07-2012, 06:49 AM
Green Broke
Apache is only worth $5000 apparently even with is gorgeous looks etc lol.

I must have gotten Sammy as a bargain cause I only paid $2000 for him but apprently is worth $22000, I have to pay more attention.
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    12-07-2012, 11:23 AM
WOW! Romeo is worth $92,000!?!? Dang... I bought him for 10.....
    12-07-2012, 11:26 AM
1BASIC HORSE (eats, sleeps, poops, can't be ridden, handled, etc.): $0

2 AGE:
3 or under- Add $1000
4 or 5- Add $3000
5 to 10- Add $5000
11 to 15- Add $3000
16 to 20- Add $1000
21 to 25- Add $0
Over 25- Subtract $5,000

3 GENDER (Keep in mind, this is for hunters only):
Mare: Add $0
Stallion: Add $0
Gelding: Add $1000

Upper inch of pony height divisions (12.1-12.2, 13.1-13.2, 14.1-14.2): Add $3000
Upper inch of small horses (15.3 to just under 16.2hh): Add $5000
Big horse (16.3hh to 17.3hh): Add $7000
Measures well over acceptable pony height, but still has permanent measurement card: Add $5000
Measures well over acceptable small horse height, but still holds a small card: Add $7000

Note: skip this section for ponies, who are exempt from all color rules)
Bay: Add $2000
Chestnut/black: Add $1000
Grey: Add $1000 UNLESS owner takes care of own horse.
Palomino/roan: Add $0
Buckskin/pinto: Subract $1000
Appy: Subtract $2000

6 TEMPERAMENT (ground):
(Note: If your contact with your horse is limited to feeding it carrots once a week after taking it, fully tacked up, from your grooms, AND you plan to keep up this system, please skip this section.)
Gentle: Add $1000
Affectionate: Add $1000

Bites: Subtract $2000
Kicks: Subtract $1000
Cribs: Subtract $2000
Heaves/other respiratory unsoundnesses: Subtract $6000

7 TEMPERAMENT (riding):
Spooks at things on the ground*: Subract $3000
Spooks at fences sometimes*: Subtract $5000
Spooks at fences consistently*: Subract $10,000
Refuses: Subract $10,000
Rears: Subract $7000
Bucks: Subtract $5000
Takes off*: Subtract $4000
Pulls/gets strong*: Subract $1000
Is lazy/slow off the leg: Subract $1000
Never refuses: Add $3000
COMPLETELY, UNFAILINGLY obedient (could quite possibly attempt to run off a cliff you told it to do so): Add $5000

Could probably negotiate the course alone or with minimal help: Add $7000
Difficult to ride (pulls, resists, requires someone other than a useless passenger on its back): Subtract $10,000
Lack of auto lead changes: Subtract $5,000
Lack of simple lead changes: Subtract $5,000
Swishes tail/pins ears while in the show ring: Subtract $2,000
*=IGNORE if you or your trainer plans to ride/show horse only on heavy 'medication'.

Could win any hack, anywhere, provided the rider didn't wear the wrong color breeches or something else unavoidable: Add $10,000
Wins in modest company, places in good company: Add $5,000
Appears to be sound and could possibly even win a hack if all other horses were dead lame or wearing unfashionable apparel: Add $0
Trots lame: Subtract $5,000 unless only planning to show in divisions that don't require a jog and that can be won without a hack class.

9 JUMPING ABILITY (Horses only):
(Note: Choosing a particular height implies that the horse can jump a show COURSE at this height, without knocking over poles or requiring perfect distances to every jump. Basically, if the horse can chip/go long to a certain fence height, THAT is the level.)

Jumps 2'3": Add $1,000
Jumps 2'6": Add $1,000
Jumps 3': Add $6,000
Jumps 3'3": Add $9,000
Jumps 3'6": Add $15,000
Jumps 4': Add $25,000
Jumps over 4': Move to jumper divisions immediately.

Rox Dene-esque: Add $20,000
Fancy enough to win most places: Add $15,000
Always in the ribbons: Add $10,000
Usually places: Add $5,000
Sometimes places: Add $3,000
Errr...well, it jumps: Add $0
Flips over poles/runs into jumps/causes children to ask their parents "Was that SUPPOSED to happened?"/jump crew's worst nightmare: Subtract $5,000

Subtract $5,000 if it cannot make the strides.

12 PRETTINESS (applies only to horses--all ponies are naturally adorable):
Jaw-dropping gorgeous (and NOT just to you!): Add $6,000
Absolutely adorable: Add $4,000
Handsome: Add $3,000
Attractive/passable: Add $2,000
Average: Add $0
Ugly/misshapen: Subtract $2,000

Perfect: Add $5,000
Good: Add $3,000
OK: Add $0
Bad: Subtract $2,000

Overweight: Subtract $1,000
Underweight: Subtract $3,000

Never shown: Subtract $5,000
Lightly, successfully shown (probably locally, "c" shows, etc.): Add $2,000
Extensively, semi-successfully shown ("c", "B", some "A" shows, many ribbons, few championships): Add $5,000
WON at "B" shows: Add $7,000
WON at "A" shows: Add $10,000

Never taken a lame step in its life/doesn't colic, etc.: Add $5,000
Minor health problems (abcessed once, etc.): Add $1,000
Larger health problems (bad splints, sore back, etc.): Subtract $5,000
Big health issues (bone chip, colics frequently, was off for a few months, etc.): Subtract $7,000

17 FAME:
At Big Name Barn: Add $6,000
Ridden by/owned by/marketed by BNT: Add $10,000
Won at Big Name Shows, giving the horse a MAJOR name-recognition advantage: Add $10,000

Warmblood: Add $5,000
Off the track: Subtract $5,000
If this is your own horse and you know that you are prone to exaggerating how pretty/fancy/scopy/gentle your baby is, subtract around $10,000.

Read more: How much is your horse worth? Take the quiz.
    12-07-2012, 11:29 AM
My bad, $104,000... go romeo...
    12-09-2012, 02:00 PM
The horse I'm looking to buy is $27,000... I wont tell them...
    12-15-2012, 01:14 PM
LOL, miss queen mare is worth $23,000 xD
Never mind I bought her at 2k in her prime :3
    12-15-2012, 01:37 PM
Apparently I need to pay someone 7000 to take my ottb mare xD
    12-17-2012, 06:09 PM
Dunlap is worth 14,000! Lol This quiz reminds me of a sign that hangs in a car dealership here in town that refers to cows.

    12-20-2012, 08:17 PM
My horse is worth -2000. . . . . Makes me feel awesome.
    12-20-2012, 08:34 PM
I baught my horse for only 650.00, which is about $1058...
She was green broke as a seven year old but I think I got my value for money, and fair share of bruises :')

funny, money, quiz

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