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Quick: Need Advice

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        10-02-2008, 04:19 PM
    Quick: Need Advice

    I had verbally told one woman after meeting her TB gelding that I would like to lease him. Nothing was signed. She DID have the vet out to pull a Coggins, as my boarding facility requires it. I know she picked up a couple new bits for me to use as well. I had a couple of things change my mind this week:

    1-Her story wasn't totally checking out. She'd had her horse on Craigslist for sale in the past 6 months, and she told me when I met her that "he would never be for sale." I did ask because I'd seen him on Craigslist months back, and she said she'd had a friend help her try and sell him. Ok, fine. She said she decided to NOT sell him after she broke him to ride, 3 months ago. Well, I saw an ad on Craigslist that sounded suspiciously like the gelding, posted on September 21. I e-mailed her from a different e-mail address just to see if it was her, and indeed it was. She said in her reply "Sorry, he's been leased out for the winter and will no longer be for sale." I didn't care that she'd wanted to sell him at one point, but the dates weren't adding up, it just felt kinda weird. However, I was going to overlook that because she was going to give me really flexible lease terms.

    2-I actually ended up going to look at another gelding last night. 12 yo. QH/Appy/TB. Such a character. I was watching her lunge him and laughing-he was full of it but in a playful way. Plus, they've had him on sweet feed daily while he's sat for months, so what else would you expect. He was really fun to ride and I just got a very good vibe from him. His owners seem like very kind people, and they're willing to give me the same lease terms.

    Now. How to tell the 1st woman that I've changed my mind? I feel rotten she had the vet out to pull a Coggins and that she bought some new stuff. But, I also just feel really good about this 2nd situation. Am I legally bound because I said on the phone I wanted to lease her gelding? Help!
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        10-02-2008, 04:34 PM
    Green Broke
    You could..
    A- tell her youve found a horse more suitable for you as you feel like you and this horse have an instant connection


    B- tell her your unable to lease a horse at this time as something has come up...lol
        10-03-2008, 06:11 PM
    Green Broke
    You are NOT legally bound to leasing her horse just by a verbal agreement. And if you feel suspicious about it I'd go with your gut! Sounds like she'd rather lease then sell, but I don't know why she'd lie to you and tell you that her horse wasn't for sale at all! Maybe she didn't want to scare you off from leasing. If you really like this horse and you're worried she's going to sell him out from under you, make sure that your lease contract says that she must give you 30 days (or whatever) notice before ending the lease. If you'd rather lease this other horse, just do it and apologize to the woman for any problems you may have caused. If you REALLY feel bad about her going to the trouble of drawing a coggins (which she' should have to sell her horse anyways) you could offer to pay for it. I think my vet charges like, $25.
        10-03-2008, 07:13 PM
    Thanks guys! I just e-mailed her this morning to say thank you for all her flexibility but I'd found a gelding that was better suited for me at this time. I elaborated more than that and felt like it was a nice e-mail. Her reply? "Alright thank you." Oh well, I feel really good about my decision.

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