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to sell or to lease

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    09-11-2007, 03:17 AM
to sell or to lease

Many of you will no about giget but for those of you who don't. She is a 5 year old thoroughbred mare who I had problems with to start ( broken ribs mainly) and she is slowly coming around.

We can now trail tarps whips anything over her body and face and she doesnt react. She is ridden by my 11 year begginer brother with no problem. Right know she is jumping about 2 1/2 ft with basic flat skills. I have know decided to travel next year and am confused about what to do wirth her I don't really want to lease her as I have worked very hard to get to this stage with her and that could easliy become undone. But I don't really want to sell her either. Whats your advise also what would be a reasonable price to ask for her by the time we go away I intent to compete her in EFA D grade which she has done with a previous owner as well as getting her up to at least 4 foot and furthur advanced in dessage. Any ideas?????
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    09-11-2007, 03:39 AM
People say I am heartless, but believe me I am not. I sell and buy horses like there is no tommorrow, but what I don't tell people is that I miss everyone of them. Now relating to your story, how long have you had her? No matter how high up she competes or qualifies for EFA, with broken ribs your not going to get big money for her becasue she isn't 100% sound. Leasing might be an opiotion, only if you know the leasers. I personally have never leased a nother horse, and noone has leased off of me plainly because I have a trust factor.... I can't afford to lose $30,000 in one horse because simply the leaser didn't look after it. I hate leasing, so guess the only other option is the sell.......
Take my advice or leave it.
    09-11-2007, 06:27 AM
No she is sound. She hadnt been ridden for about a year when I bought her and her owner had her on high energy food and gave me the same food to feed her I didnt no much about food so when I first got on her she was just a bundle of energy I fell off akward and cracked my ribs she is fine to handle my 11 year old brother gets her out of the paddock, lunges her, saddles her and rides her and she has been fine we have changed her feed since then and she has settled down well thanks for your response tho I no exactly were you are coming from and I wouldnt sell her as sound unless I was a 100% sure
    09-11-2007, 06:29 AM
Sorry I just reread ur post it was me with broken ribs not her. I think that's what ur saying lol sorry bit tired
    09-11-2007, 06:33 AM
Yeah I know were Aussie is coming from........ He like me, breeds trains and sells to make a living. But hey giget, if she is your best mate, don't give her away!! I say go and get the highest level of what ever and have fun!! She sounds like a absolute darling, I am hoping you have the best time on her. Get D grade in EFA, even go for C (its only 1.10)
Have fun!!
    09-22-2007, 12:19 AM
Iv done up to b grade on my old pony so I now I can do it and I know she can. The thing is I bought her for a project I was sick of training every one else horse and getting no credit for it. And this sounds mean but I don't like her. She's a lovely horse but we just don't connect and to me that's a big thing with working with a horse. And I know exactly were you are coming from with the buying and sellin as that's my aim when I get a bit older. But im thinking should I work her and sell her in a few months or wait and then when I come back get her working to the best of hers and my ability lol I don't no what to do

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