Barn NameShadow
Registered NameShadow Puppet
LocationSioux Lookout, Ontario, Canada
OwnerShadow Puppet
BreedQuarter Horse
Age16 years, 11 months old
Acquired02/18/2010 (7 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
Leg MarkingsErmine marks
DisciplinesEnglish pleasure

About ShadowShadow is a 13 year old Quarter Horse Appy cross. I have had her for three years. I love her so much and she has come so far. From a bad bucking habit, to an amazing partner and all around horse. She loves to do gymkhanas and some dressage. She occasionally likes to jump, but due to unknown issues in her left hind side, she can only jump once and a while. But I don't love her any less. She is so perfect for me, I could have never asked for a better horse. I will never sell her. She has found her forever home with me no matter what!
ActivitiesShadow's most favourite thing to do is eat. She will eat anything and everything. She is a natural comedian so she loves to do tricks like bow and anything she can do to get some treats. She likes to do things that keep her mind busy, so she is quite fond of some simple dressage.
Favorite FoodEverything
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