Barn NameMr.Thunderbolt Deceased
LocationIdaho, United States
Head MarkingsStar
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
Leg MarkingsFetlock

About Mr.Thunderbolt Deceasedi met my owner when she was 13 and we have been unseprable since i have taught her alot about riding since we have ventured through it all with the exception of english because shes not very good at it i am about as boomproof as any horse comes unless ur my owner and i like to make sure shes awake and upright in the saddle. it doesnt matter if im on the ranch or at the barn for the winter i think im the herd boss and no one forgets it or i put them in their spot i tolerate my roomate the young brat he is but i put him in line if i have too. Specially if he gets to close to me with his big lips when im wearing my blanket. im very protective of my blanket.. I like my girlfriends also i have a thing for bay mares dont matter the breed just love them.
ActivitiesWell i have done Dressage,English riding with my previous owner. I also doubled as a hunting horse then in my late teens i became a lesson horse how i met amber my current owner. together we have done breakaway roping,barrel racing, western pleasure ,pole bending, dappled in reining and rode lots of trails in the last two years.Now days im retired for the most part my mom comes out with poptarts which i love so much and occially jumps on me bareback and we trot around the arena. she wants to keep in shape says its good for my joints and stuff .. and on occacian she brings out her niece who loves me so much and i take her around the arena..
Favorite FoodPOPTARTS
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From texasgal on 03/21/12
Nice ol' boy ... they don't make 'em like that anymore!
From BrewCrew on 11/01/10
What a handsome guy!!
From Rebelappy on 03/07/10
thank you all hes my baby lots love for him
From JumpingTheMoon on 11/16/09
He's lovely!
From Erin_And_Jasper on 07/09/09
he looks like a young horse! good job with him and making him look like a young'in. he is beautiful.
From reining girl on 03/16/09
He looks really good for his age. He has a sweet look to him, i love his mane to lol
From BarneyBabby on 01/27/09
I love his mane! It make me laugh!!!!
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