Barn NameSonata
Registered Namen/a
LocationWashington, United States
BreedAppaloosa/Quarter Horse
Age8 years, 2 months old
Acquired01/10/2012 (5 years ago)
Body MarkingsBen d'Or spots
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesPleasure trail riding

About SonataMost of the time she just enjoys hanging out in the pasture, but is always sure to come down to the gate to say hello (or check for treats?!) when I come out of the house.
Her and our other horse seem to enjoy running full tilt down the hill only to make a quick turn at the end to avoid the fence- not sure how many years she has cut off my life doing this!
She is a very curious mare and always quick to check out new things.
She is usually quite the level headed and sweet girl, for just turning 4 years old.
ActivitiesHanging out in the pasture tormenting her newish older brother JD, begging for treats, sticking her nosy self into everything possible and watching the local coyotes and deer go by. Oh, and going on trail rides, obviously!
Sonata is looking forward to trying a poker ride and some mounted orienteering in the near future!
Favorite FoodGrapes, apples and oranges
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From joseeandjade11 on 09/10/13
She is very cute indeed! Love her coat color and dark black hair
From MustangCool on 05/18/13
My daughter saw Sonata on EquineNow when she was a foal named Rawhides San Fancy. My daughter was in the 3rd grade and fell in love with her. If you are ever interested in rehoming her, please contact us. She looks very happy with you. So glad.
From Crescent on 11/16/12
she is sooo cute!
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