Barn NameHennessy
Registered NameSwen Sparks Fly
LocationPasadena, Texas, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age4 years, 12 months old
Acquired08/25/2012 (5 years ago)
Body MarkingsWhite spot
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings

About HennessyHennessy is a QH/Paint buckskin tobiano colt. I'll be getting him at the end of August when he is weaned at four months from his mama. Henny will be used for a trail horse, and hopefully some showing in halter and some rodeo activities.

Henny's already been to a halter show and a groundwork clinic! This little boy knows how to give me heart attacks, though. He choked twice on his feed in one week so we now soak it. He also got kicked in the head and almost died. ): But thanks to an amazing vet, Henny is recovering amazingly!
Favorite FoodAnything edible(That includes dead trees)
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From horsecrazygirl13 on 06/23/13
Awww! He's adorable! He reminds me of my horse Duke!
From tiffrmcoy on 05/17/13
OMG! He is the cutest little thing!
From Blue on 07/20/12
Really a very nice looking colt!
From MyHorsesGurl on 05/14/12
he is a handsome lil' fellow and his dam, beautiful
From Hunter65 on 05/02/12
He is sooo adorable. Have fun with him and keep updating picts please
From Kayella on 04/27/12
Thank you! :)
From HorseCrazyGirlForever on 04/27/12
He is SO cute! OMG!
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