Barn NameKeegan
LocationGreene Co., Indiana, United States
Age13 years, 11 months old

About KeeganKeegan is a perfect example of the modern style Friesian that is commonly sought after for dressage and sport horses.

Keegan has been evaluated as an outstanding prospect for upper level dressage. As you can see from his photos Keegan is athletic with a strong trot however he has a huge beautiful canter & he loves to do it. This along with his modern sport build gives him upper level dressage ability. I have no doubts that Keegan will excel in anything he does.

We have found a wonderful trainer, her name is Agnieszka Turek we believe that with Agnieszka's outstanding training abilities and Keegan's natural abilities that this is a match made in Heaven.
ActivitiesKeegan is a very smart stallion. Keegan is already able to do a fluid Spanish Walk under saddle. He learned leg ques to do this under saddle in less than three weeks. Keegan can also bow under saddle with vocal ques. His owner Emily Jewell taught him how to bow under saddle in less than TWO WEEKS! He learned how to do this right before the Hoosier Horse Fair. He has a knack for learning things and picks up so quickly. Keegan can also "stretch out" to help us short ladies onto his back. And to keep us amused he's able to say "YES" and "NO" and can smile on command. Always a crowd pleaser. :)

Keegan loves to show off. He knows he's beautiful and loves the attention that comes with being beautiful.

During the Hoosier Horse Fair & Expo 2009 Keegan spent his weekend posing with fans of all ages and sizes. We took him out and let him stretch his legs outside and he wowed all the passersby. He's made guest appearances since then to 4h classes to promote awareness of his breed.

Favorite FoodEverything sweet!
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From HorseCrazyTeen on 12/06/12
This is one of the most stunningly beautiful horse I have ever seen... but then you've never been told THAT before!
From tikapup1 on 11/23/12
From TheAQHAGirl on 11/05/12
Stunning! Stunning! Stunning! What a fantastic horse!
From horse1324 on 10/08/12
BEAUTIFUL horse! ♥
From HorseGirlFive on 09/15/12
-Help EvilHorseOfDoom- I agree. ;) This is the second time I've stumbled on this beauty!
From EvilHorseOfDoom on 07/31/12
OK, your horse is freaking GORGEOUS! *gets halter and prepares for some thieving*
From HorseGirlFive on 07/20/12
My gosh Keegan is such a beautiful Fresian!
From Tianimalz on 05/03/12
Wow, he's amazing. I love the bowing picture with you in the red dress; just beautiful!
From HorseCrazyGirlForever on 04/30/12
OMG! I saw him at the hoosier horse fair! Was he in the parae of stallions? But I did see him stretching his legs!
From Adam on 04/18/12
Beautiful horse!! And hello from a neighbor, over in Owen County! :)
From Eagle Child on 02/13/12
He is a glorious animal. Thank you for sharing him with all of us.
From Cintillate on 01/19/12
His picture definitely caught my eye!
From soenjer55 on 12/29/11
He is most likely the most stunning friesian I have ever seen.
From ccndodger on 12/18/11
I have never seen Keegan in real life before but I have seen several of his offspring. Very lovely :)
From Cheyennes mom on 11/21/11
oh man he's gorgous!!! absolutely amazing!!
From randomrider92 on 11/15/11
Congrats on the win. By the way, there is someone who is saying that Keegan is there's on the forum somewhere -_-
From Mynameisxena on 10/16/11
A beautiful and magical horse! You are so lucky to know him :)
From manca on 10/09/11
He is from a fairytale! Gorgeous horse...
From xxBarry Godden on 08/15/11
I've had a thought, my DiDi is a mare, I wonder????
From xxBarry Godden on 08/15/11
The sort of horse you look at and know you can't afford it.
From bellebarrelracer77 on 07/08/11
Your horse is really cool.
From JoeyAndPacman on 04/13/11
I have deep feelings for Fresians.Since my Quarter Horse is half fresian hahahahaha.You should see his Father!
From wafflestheunicorn on 02/27/11
From fuadteagan on 01/21/11
OMG ! i am so jealous i love the drama in the photos in the flowers it seems like fake lol
From horserider321 on 01/09/11
with his powerful strides, he looks like he's charging into battle
From Cheyennes mom on 01/03/11
he's SOO beautiful!! How did you teach him to bow like that? I mean, Cheyenne knows how to bow when I push her leg forward but how do you do it with a person on and to do it on command???
From equiniphile on 01/03/11
I think Keegan says he wants to come live with me.....:)
From PintoTess on 09/16/10
OMG my dream horse...if he suddenly goes missing I DIDNT DO IT...or did i lol
From lilruffian on 09/09/10
Crazy jealous of whoever owns him (or any friesian for that matter)! Hoping that next spring i'll beable to breed for my own friesian cross :D Fingers crossed!
From ilyTango on 08/22/10
He is absolutely breathtaking. He looks like a horse from a fairy tale or a fantasy movie or something
From DustyDiamond on 07/18/10
Oh he is such a big and pretty boy!! I absolutely LOVE friesians there one of my favorite breeds! I wish someday I will be able to afford a friesian like him
From mswp27 on 05/18/10
My My!! What a gorgeous guy!
From Nature2horses on 03/17/10
He's gorgeous!
From sheawhittet on 03/08/10
He is absolutly stunning!!!
From twh on 02/27/10
From thunderhooves on 01/15/10
He is so gorgeous!
From SunriseNorth on 01/13/10
Absolutely stunning!
From PaintsPwn on 01/12/10
Agnes has a patience with horses I've never seen before. It's very refreshing to watch her work and ride horses!
From acey on 12/29/09
OMG I KNOW AGNES!!!! thats mental i worked with her in chicago in noble horse when i did a working student placement there for 3 months...shes incredible :) :)
From barnprincess on 12/29/09
aha just saw at the bottom it says the owners name. never mind.
From barnprincess on 12/29/09
you should probably add that he DOES NOT BELONG to you..
From amy on 12/20/09
From mandersloveshorses on 10/30/09
wow he's gorgeous!
From AlmagroN on 10/06/09
wow. hes beautiful. ive always wanted one! nice name, i have a horse with the same name, only spelled Keigan, and hes a STB (not near as handsome!)
From rocky pony on 10/01/09
he's so handsome!
From Jessabel on 08/29/09
I love the picture of him behind the trees. You're very lucky to have him, he's gorgeous!
From Spindleberry on 08/22/09
This is a total beautiful Friesian ; they are my favorite breed and he is absolutely stunning. x
From KatiesMom38 on 07/20/09
This is my absolute favorite horse on this site! Also, you're an excellent photographer!
From midwestgirl89 on 07/13/09
Absolutely gorgeous!!! You took these photos?! What talent!
From Cremello on 07/09/09
omg I'm jelly you got a friesian. He is simply stunning ;)
From vbrill on 07/09/09
yeah so I might just steal him words cant even describe but I'll try gorgeous
From 3neighs on 07/07/09
The Friesian is my dream horse and Keegan is the epitome of the horse I dream about. :) Like someone else said, too beautiful for words...
From Deej on 07/07/09
Too beautiful for words!
From HalfPass on 07/06/09
Hi there... Your horse is so beautiful. There is a Big Black Frieasan(sp) at my Barn. He is a gelding but and is 17.2 I have watched him in his first show recently and was very very impressed with this breed! First time i have seen them doing Dressage...Your Stallion is Magnifico!!! He is super beautiful and I love the phot with him in the yellow flowers....
From SpiritJordanRivers on 06/21/09
Your horse is like a horse of fantasy. Like when people picture a beautiful horse, a horse like yours comes to mind. He's drop dead gorgeous and I think I'm drooling on the keyboard :)
From Veeva La Vegas on 06/04/09
Hes beautiful! You have some real nice picts. of him!!! Great looking horse!
From dashygirl on 05/21/09
I'd say it's nearly impossible to find a more beautiful animal.
From leviijeans on 05/18/09
Oh my god what an amazing horse, :( i miss my frisian mare, those two wouldve made an beautiful foal that forsure. But sadly she passed away 3 years ago. Too bad.
From Hagane on 05/18/09
What a gorgeus friesian.. beautiful :)
From Vidaloco on 05/01/09
what a gentle giant. Great name too
From horseloverd2 on 04/29/09
I need him. Need.
From HorseArtist on 04/24/09
WOW what a beautiful Friesian!!
From gone4baroque on 04/13/09
Cannot resist a gent with a long swishy I just bought my Friesian on February 27, 2009. A 16.2 Gelding named Harkos in love already %:)
From travlingypsy on 03/02/09
From Moxie on 02/28/09
Thats some very impressive photography... Oh yea... great lookin' horse too! ;)
From DarkChylde on 02/27/09
O_O Wow. How beautiful.
From SamboStar on 02/12/09
He makes me love Friesians even more!
From SallyBaby on 02/10/09
He's beautiful!
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