Barn NameSugar
Registered NameMiss Brown Sugar
LocationAztec, New Mexico, United States
Age31 years, 2 months old
Acquired04/01/2004 (13 years ago)
Body MarkingsAcquired markings
DisciplinesClassical dressage, Companion horse, Dressage, Pasture Ornament, Pleasure trail riding

About SugarSugar is a breeding stock paint mare. We bought her as a pleasure horse for my mom and when she was 19 we bred her to a Chesnut Overo stud. unfortunately the foal was breech and we almost lost her when her uterus was torn during foaling.

now shes just a pasture puff and hangs out with my mare Josie, giving the boys a hard time and she LOVES to hear her hooves clomping on the matts. shell trot back and forth just to hear it
ActivitiesShe was trained in level 3 dressage but was never competed on and only ever did trail riding/lessons after we acquired her.

she has been retired for about 6 years
Favorite FoodSugar Cubes
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