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Barn NameBlondie
LocationGeorgia, United States
Head MarkingsStar, Stripe
DisciplinesWestern pleasure

About BlondieBlondie is a beautiful mare. I have owned her since June, 2011. She was the first horse I ever bought myself; the first one I could really call MINE! She is very sweet and has a loving temperament (most of the time ;]). She is a palomino with two white rear socks and a star/stripe (some people say they're separate, some people just call it a stripe--personal preference, I guess!). In the summer, she is a darker golden color and she gets two little white spots on her hind quarters and during the winter, she gets lighter and is covered in dapples. I am told she is an excellent mother.
We are both currently pregnant together :) Her foal is due just about any day now and my baby is due mid-August! I will update any information regarding her foal as soon as possible :)
Favorite FoodAnything!
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