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Barn NameHorse Haven
Registered NameAmber
LocationFife, United Kingdom
ColorLiver Chestnut
Head MarkingsWhite face
Body MarkingsAcquired markings
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesEnglish pleasure

About Horse HavenThis is Amber, the safest mare around. Taught beginners brilliantly and still continues to teach more experienced riders too. Jumps x-rails perfectly and gets excited despite her old age. The most loveable horse around.
ActivitiesWorks at a riding school and does the following
-Flat work
-Pole work
-Small jumping
-Hacking and beach rides
-Teaches beginners (horse care and riding)
-Wobble walks

Favorite FoodPolo-mints, carrots, apples, oats
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From WesternRider88 on 03/09/13
She's very pretty! :)

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