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Barn NameShads
Registered NameShadowPhax
LocationSpringfield, Ohio, United States
Age15 years, 7 months old
Acquired03/09/2013 (3 years ago)

About ShadsShads is a Percheron x DDH. He stands a little over 17hh. He definitely enjoys destroying automatic waterers, and pestering his next door "neigh"bor through the drop down windows, nibble on pony tails, hats, shirts, gloves, and especially his own blankets and bellboots. He is trained up to 3rd level, although he is still teaching me training levels. We love to stride out on a nice ride through the fields and play a little tag in the round pen at the end of the day.
ActivitiesDressage (Training level/1st level for me) and trail riding.
Favorite FoodStarBrite Peppermints
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From Barngirl on 10/05/13
Hello, is this for sale? What are you asking? Thank you

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