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Barn NameChoo-Chee
LocationArizona, United States
Age8 years, 9 months old
Acquired02/23/2009 (6 years ago)
ColorBlack Overo

About Choo-CheeShe was my daughters first pony. She came to us untrained and had spent her entire life in a small pen with a handful of other ponies. It took 3 people just to catch her to put a halter on her so we could bring her home! She was a handful at first as she hadn't been handled since she was a baby except to have her feet trimmed on a rare occasion. She was full of flashing teeth, quick feet and scared of everything, but at the same time you could see her joy and pleasure at having the chance to run and explore. She responded beautifully to a little love. Now shes a bold little girl thats even learned how to open gates. She'll let herself out to wander the neighborhood if we forget to double latch the gate...although she always follows the same route we like to take when we go for walks together. We fondly call her our overgrown dog as she often behaves more like a playful dog and shes in heaven when one of her people starts to run so she can join us for a romp. We've been very lucky to have her in our lives.
ActivitiesHer work has been as a therapy pony and shes very good at it. Once on a walk, a loose dog raced up, leapt at her rear end and bit her. My young daughter was on her back and had just graduated from having a sidewalker, although our sidewalker was with us just in case. I focused on Choo-chee and my daughter while the therapist chased off the dog. I was amazed at how calm both stayed! Choo-chee didn't even flinch when she got bit, she stood stalk still, just watching us. She still stays calm about dogs since that happened. She thought dogs were deadly when we first got her!
Another time, I had turned her loose in the yard and looked out the window to see my little girl climbing onto Choo's back. Choo had been laying down taking a nap. She gently stood up and took my daughter for a walk. I about had a heart attack when I saw my little one climbing on her like that and I made sure that never happened again...but at the same time, I was amazed at how Choo behaved. She'll have both me and my daughters love for the rest of her life. She isn't trained to listen to a rider but she listens in all other ways like a dream. I don't think you could find a better therapy pony anywhere.
Favorite Foodanything that fits in her mouth!
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