Barn NameBiscotti
LocationTornado Alley, Kansas, United States
Acquired04/29/2013 (4 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
Leg MarkingsFetlock
DisciplinesWestern pleasure

About BiscottiWe got this horse for free from a family who can't keep him any more. They also didn't know what they were doing at all, so he is very obese (as in fatter than the weight tape!), and his hooves are pretty bad. They haven't been trimmed since last summer, actually... but those tough Mustang genes kept his feet together much, much better than I expected. We're guessing he's around 1,400 pounds right now, and needs to get 150 - 200 of it off.

He is a handsome guy though, and he looks like he'll be a LOT easier to train than my mare. It seems to be that he once knew a lot, but has gotten away with everything for the past couple of years. He's very calm, which is a relief, as my family and especially my sister want to ride him when his hooves are trimmed up a couple/few times and I get through the main training with him, and see what he knows.
ActivitiesRight now his activities include just searching for more non-existent food to fill his poor, skinny self. NOT!

I am doing groundwork with him.
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From Clevelandbays64 on 10/11/13
He looks very pretty!
From WesternRider88 on 05/08/13
What a pretty boy!
From Dreamcatcher5 on 05/04/13
I love his name!!! And he's such a cutie!
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