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Barn NameGenny
Registered NameAgenda Gotsa Hidee
LocationBirmingham, Alabama, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Age13 years, 11 months old
Acquired05/14/2013 (4 years ago)
Head MarkingsStar
Body MarkingsAcquired markings
Leg MarkingsPartial fetlock
DisciplinesBarrel racing, Companion horse, English pleasure, Pleasure trail riding, Ranch Work, Western pleasure

About GennySweetest mare, great temperment, quiet, smart, and willing to please. Has been ridden and worked on the ground consistently over the past 3 months, regularly over the past few years. Beautiful Chestnut color. Great feet, never shod, picks up feet, trailers, stands to be mounted from a stand or from steps, backs, side passes, turns on hindquarters, flexes at pole. Responds to leg ques, foot ques, hand and voice commands. Obeys verbal and non-verbal commands, responds to body language. Crosses mud puddles, tarps. Has been worked with Clinton Anderson methods. Neg Cogs, UTD on all vaccinations, worming, feet. All papers of ownership and care.

My trainer had been breaking and working with a young colt and Genny has taken to being a leader/mentor to him because he is so quiet and well behaved. Genny has helped him learn to go over a tarp, walk thru mud, etc. She can be a leader or follow horses on the trail. Quick learner, quick responds to verbal and non-verbal ques. Will make a wonderful all-around horse. My trainer has expressed how well she picks up new things, and how good she is to ride, how fun her slow trot is, etc.
Genny is one of those special horses that will look at you so deeply as if she looking into your soul and sometimes it seems as if she is saying, "OK, I hear you, I'll be good and let you give me worming meds." She is always wanting to know what you are doing or check out something new. Genny will pat my pocket with her muzzle when I have treats in it, and laps up Powerade like a dog, lol.

Genny does not bite, buck, rear, or bolt. She is so gentle in her mouth with me or anyone. I can place a finger in the side of her mouth to feel for any sharp edges, lets me play with her muzzle to let me show her teeth. Auto lead changes, sweet slow trot, slow lope, will gallop. Trail ridden, works in an indoor and outdoor arena. Takes the bit so easy, easy to catch, tack up, will even play like she is herding like a cutting horse! Flexes to each side with light touch or verbal command, even puts her down when told while riding! This is the most devoted, kind, obedient and well mannered horse. Since moving her to her current home, she has filled out and looks like she has grown a foot to me. Very muscular, healthy mare. No vices, only excellent manners. Very expressive with ears, nays, nickering, eyes. :)
ActivitiesLunges to verbal commands, picks up feet, stands still, or will untie herself to roam the inside arena or go to the feed room, lol.

Enjoys learning new things, almost have her bowing with a treat. Can change bits, ride english or western pleasure, trail ridden. Watches everything, very expressive, especially when she is waiting on me to get her from her stall or from the crosstie. She will turn her head into a barrel or ride with her head down or flexed. Will make an excellent all-around horse and is very devoted to her owner/trainer. She will take special care when she has a rider on her back to be aware of her environment. When she is taken out of the barn, she will stop and suck in alot of air if there are different cars or lawnmowers out front. It is as if she has a photographic memory of what is usually outside and where it is supposed to be. When she saw the longhorn cattle for the first time, she stopped still for a minute, then would take a few steps with her ears forward, stop, go forward, stop. Genny will even follow me all tacked up when I ask her to come and will go outside the indoor arena to her stall.

Favorite FoodApplesauce, carrots, treats, orange powerade
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From QH Lady on 05/06/14
How much is she?
From Barrels4Lyfe on 01/11/14
It says "This horse is for sale for 0!" although I'm pretty sure that's not true...people can dream right?! :P She's really pretty!
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