Barn NameRudie
Registered NameAutumn
Locationsimcoe county, Ontario, Canada
Ownermy little rudie
Acquired07/10/2012 (5 years ago)
Head MarkingsMealy muzzle
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesPasture Ornament, Pleasure trail riding

About RudieRudie was given to us from our neighbors when he said he was going to "send him away" because he couldn't afford to keep him anymore. When we got him, my dad and i (my mom and sister a both allergic to horses and don't care much for them) were noobs and still are ;) He was also pretty underweight and ignored. Now he is being trained in english riding. He is also one of those awkward horses, because his first owners (who we don't know) (we are his 3rd and he is only 4!) just put 2 horses in a field and POOF! a foal comes!

*update!* 25/09/13 Today I got to ride him for the 3rd time, but it was his first time being ridden with the bit!

*update!* 05/10/13 He now knows how to respond to the bit, and he was ridden briefly off the long-line

*update* 10/10/13 I trotted bare-back on him and MAN! He has the smoothest trot ever! guess its the standardbred in him!
ActivitiesStill training!
Favorite Foodanything eatable
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From AnArabianLover4Life on 09/21/13
Rudie is lucky to have you and your dad :) I wish you both the best with him.
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