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This horse is for sale for 1500!
Barn NameCocoa
Registered Name- - --
LocationMobile, Alabama, United States
BreedQuarter Horse
Acquired08/15/2013 (2 years ago)
Head MarkingsMealy muzzle
Body MarkingsWhite hairs
Leg MarkingsSocks & Stockings
DisciplinesBareback, Barrel racing, Bridleless, Broodmare, Cutting, Hunter, Show jumping, Western pleasure

About CocoaShe's such a sweet girl but we're having to sell her because we don't have a use for her and she's just rotting away. She's 14 years old..
ActivitiesLove to ride her when I get the chance...just haven't been able to :(
Favorite Foodapple and oats
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