Barn NameOscar
BreedThoroughbred X

About OscarOscars A 17.1hh Chestnut Tb X Gelding. Ive Owned Him 4 2 And Half Years=]
Ive No Idea Of His Past:'( But He Came 2 Me In Really Bad Condition, Skin And Bone And Scarred.:'( His Previos Owner Pin Fired Him>:( He Had No Life In Him. Judging On His Appearence We're Guessing Hes An Ex Racehorse But I Guess We'll Never Know 4 Certain What He Did. When I Got Him He Wouldnt/ Couldnt Jump. He Didnt know What He Was Meant 2 Do With A Pole On The Ground! After A While Just Leading Him Over A Pole On The Ground I Was Able 2 Walk, Trot And Canter Over It. Then We Started Jumping Small Cross Poles Gradually Bringing It Up 2 A 1.60m After 1 And A Half. He Truly Is A Special Horse With Amazing Paces And Big Scopey Jump!
ActivitiesI Do Mostly ShowJumping But Oscar Prefers Cross Country. Ive Also Started Doing Some Dressage With Him! Hes Truly Amazing And Picks It Up So Quick!
Favorite FoodApples, Carrots, Silvermints
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From NzFoxxTrot on 04/13/12
Heya , just wanted to say that you Boy is Gorgeous!! He reminds me soo Much of mine! You should do some small ODE's with him hes sounds Keen :) Wish you two many more Great times and rides with him :) !
From sprinkles716 on 02/04/12
what a cool boy!
From myhorseriesen on 08/29/11
wow he really can jump!
From Endiku on 02/14/11
whoo! Look at that extension! Gorgeous gelding =]
From QHDragon on 12/07/10
every time I see pictures of your horse I can't help but drool over your indoor arena! This might be a stupid question, but did you ever check him for a lip tattoo? Any TB that was raced would have one.
From kated on 03/09/10
You guys look great!
From JumpingTheMoon on 01/26/10
He's gorgeous! I love his jump!
From RubaiyateBandit on 10/20/09
Looks like he's in amazing condition! Lucky him to get such an awesome owner!
From sixlets on 09/27/09
He's a stunning jumper!! He looks like a purebred Canadian TB to me, he's gorgeous!
From My Beau on 09/20/09
If he was pin fired, then he most likely was on the track. They pin fire to treat buck shins, splints, curbs, or chronic bowed tendons.
From toadflax on 09/06/09
wow he's gorgeous and you have done a terrific job with him.
From PumpkinzMyBaby22 on 09/06/09
he must have been in dreadful condition. looks like youre doing a grea job with him! keep up the awesome work!
From InspiredByHorses on 08/12/09
Beautiful TB
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