Barn NameGone & Dunn It
BreedQuarter Horse
ColorFlea-Bitten Grey

About Gone & Dunn ItThe first time I saw Dunn was the fall of 2005 at the college stables. I knew NOTHING about horses...literally nothing. Not how to ride, how to feed, what they needed to stay alive, nothing. But it was love at first sight. I remember starting to learn as much as I could so someday I could try & buy him. I used to go down to the corrals almost every other day or so to sit under a big maple tree and watch him. In 2006 they decided that he was going to be sold...I remember the day the that a lady was supposed to come and look at buying him. They had him all prettied up and he was STUNNING! I prayed that he wouldn't be sold. The lady never showed up. Anyway, long story short in 2008 I was finally able to sign a contract to buy him, and finally ended up taking him home in the summer of 2009. He is my once in a life in a lifetime horse. Sadly he has a very aggressive form of cancer, and his life is being stolen away too quickly, but we are thankful for every day that we have together.
ActivitiesTrail Riding
LocationThe pasture in front of the house
Favorite FoodHome-Made Horse Treats
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From roro on 01/21/10
Creative name! He looks very sweet.
From kaykat31 on 01/09/10
Oh my gosh!Hes gorgeous!:)
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